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An oral history of Orange Cassidy, the hottest enigma in independent wrestling

Credit: Henry T Casey

As we inch closer and closer to the indie dream match of the year — NXT’s North American Champ Velveteen Dream vs the Independent Wrestling Champ Orange Cassidy this Friday at Evolve 123 in Melrose, MA — it’s time to answer some nagging questions. No, not about the master of the Purple Rainmaker Elbow Drop, but about the living legend in acid-washed denim.

So, I sought out those truths from the men who seem to know Orange Cassidy best: Dan Barry, Bryce Remsburg and Chuck Taylor. For some reason, they answered, sharing wisdom with the masses.

How did you first meet Orange Cassidy?

“Hoboken, NJ. At The Madison. He was holding court at the DJ booth. No one liked it.” — Chuck Taylor aka Dustin

“My first recollection was picking him up at a random gas station in New Jersey to take him to an NWA Upstate event in Rochester, NY in September of 2008. We were the only two in the car, and I might as well have been alone as he fell asleep (passed out) immediately upon entering the car. After seeing him unsuccessfully “compete” in a battle royal that evening including such luminaries as Brodie Lee and Coconut Jones, we hit up the Rochester bar scene with Colin Delaney and Dalton Castle. An inflatable waterslide was involved. I couldn’t find him the next morning and drove home alone. I have no idea how he got home.” — Bryce Remsburg, the heart, soul, and ref of the indies

“It was Beyond wrestling. I saw this adorable man sitting in a chair. I walked over to introduce myself. I went to shake his hand and he didn’t move. He just sat there. I waved in front of his face, said hello, but nothing. So I said, “he must be sleeping” so I took his sunglasses off. His eyes were wide open. He had been staring at me the entire time.” — Dan Barry, one half of Team Tremendous and the pride of OTT.

Have you ever travelled with Orange Cassidy? Any horror stories or unusual incidents?

“OC doesn’t travel like you or I. He just appears places.” — Dan Barry

“He told me to pick him up “outside D’Jais in Belmar” once. Couldn’t find him anywhere. Combed the whole beach. And I was late for extra work at RAW in Newark. Coulda reshaped my whole life. And he ruined it.” — Bryce Remsburg

“I have. He never drives. He always sleeps in the front seat which is a classic no-no.” — Chuck Taylor

Aside from Orange Juice, what does Cassidy’s diet consist of?

“Mainly barbituates, alcohol, and the occasional ham hock.” — Dan Barry

“I’d be lying if I said I’ve never seen him bite a slice of “street pizza”.” — Bryce Remsburg

“Mostly margaritas and Taco Bell dollar menu stuff.” — Chuck Taylor

Any favorite Orange Cassidy match?

“To be perfectly honest, I once saw him wrestle Keith Lee in Austin, TX for Inspire Pro. His music hits and the hippest of hip crowds audibly groaned when he walked out. By the end, they were chanting his name. One of my very favorite things in the world is watching a crowd watch him wrestle for the first time.” — Bryce Remsburg

“Dick Justice at Beyond.” — Dan Barry

“I’ve never enjoyed his matches but I hear lately he’s been good. Maybe [his matches with] David Starr and Tracey Williams matches have been good.” — Chuck Taylor

What would Orange Cassidy be doing without pro wrestling?

“Probably he’d work on Wall Street and be a multi-millionaire.” — Chuck Taylor

“Finally finishing his doctoral thesis on the preservation of energy. I think the real question is: what would pro wrestling be doing without Orange Cassidy?” — Dan Barry

“Adult dancing. You’d be surprised. He can move.” — Bryce Remsburg

What have you learned by watching Orange Cassidy matches?

“Just because someone isn’t doing something, doesn’t mean they aren’t capable. It just means they just don’t want to.” — Dan Barry

“How to be ridiculously athletic and lethargic at the same time.” — Chuck Taylor

“The true meaning of the word disappointment.” — Bryce Remsburg

What else do you think is in Orange Cassidy’s backpack, aside from the Independent Wrestling Championship?

“Most likely multiple VHS copies of The Sandlot and some apple sauce.” — Chuck Taylor

“Orange juice, Ham, Alcohol, Jugo de naranja, cervesas, jamon, and a list of all of his opponent’s weaknesses. The lists are all 1 line long and it just says “me I guess”” — Dan Barry

“Street pizza. A fake ID. Expired cough medicine.” — Bryce Remsburg

Since his website is all lorem ipsum, I have to ask: how does one actually contact Orange Cassidy? Does he own a flip phone? A P.O. Box?

He’s on twitter, I think his phone only has that 1 app. — Dan Barry

“Message in a bottle is your best bet. I know he uses other people’s desktops to tweet at times.” — Bryce Remsburg

“He’s less contactable than Bill Murray. You’ll never find him.” — Chuck Taylor

You can book Orange Cassidy into a WrestleMania match with one current superstar, who do you pick and why?

“The Big Show. It’s been a while since we have seen a big man feud in WWE.” — Dan Barry

“The Miz. It’d be great. No question. I’d buy a front row ticket and hope his face would be on the chair.” — Bryce Remsburg

Bryce volunteered more information:

If I could jump across the fourth wall for a second I’d like to profess my love for him and what he represents. He is without a doubt, my favorite wrestler on the indie circuit right now. If one really thinks about it, he is a perfect representation of indie wrestling in 2019. He might not do a Canadian destroyer at warp speed or a variety of springboard cutters like many of his contemporary counterparts, but think back to what made us all fall in love with pro wrestling - the characters. Could Ultimate Warrior have hung with Steamboat or Flair in an hour draw? Nah, but we all remember him running to the ring in neon face paint. Orange Cassidy is the character that we all need right now, especially as all of favorites move on to greener pastures. Thinking about putting him in different situations, his responses, etc. just makes me smile. Best of all, given his style, he can wrestle until he’s 60. If he lives that long somehow.

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