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UPDATED: Fenix taken to the hospital after apparent injury at Texas indie show

In a match in Austin where they won the AAW Tag Team titles, Lucha Bros may have suffered a serious setback. And its one which could have ramifications for numerous promotions plans over the coming months.

Fenix was injured at the end of the match. He hit a cutter and then was unable to get up. A finish was quickly improvised, and he was stretchered to the back:

AAW released the following statement:

And now we wait and see. Hopefully, this was just a case of Fenix and AAW’s team taking extreme precaution, but not being able to finish the match and being carried out don’t feel like good signs.

While it’s secondary to Pentagon Jr’s brother’s health, a serious injury could throw a spanner in the works for multiple companies.

Lucha Bros challenged The Young Bucks at Thursday night’s Double Or Nothing Ticket Party, and seemed set for a run with All Elite Wrestling. Contrary to what it looked like initially, MLW announced Penta & Fenix would be back with their promotion in March and April. Also they won the company’s Tag belts by defeating LAX on last night’s edition of Impact, and the Lucha Bros were just booked as RVD & Sabu’s opponents on Impact’s WrestleMania week show in New Jersey.

And the busy Bros just challenged (via taped promo) Texano and Rey Escorpion for the tag team titles in AAA at Rey de Reyes on March 16 (thanks to my main man Manolo for translation)...

Fenix: “A moment, sirs. You can’t call yourselves the best tag team in the world nor Mexico nor AAA for one simple reason. You haven’t faced us, the best tag team on the planet.”

Pentagon: “Texano, Rey Escorpion, I have a message for you. We, the Lucha Brothers, have won all the tag team championships of the best promotions in the world. (a word I didn’t catch) March 16, prepare yourselves because the Lucha Brothers are returning. And you know why? Because we have cero miedo (zero fear).

Fenix: (In a sexy whisper.) “Animo.”

We’ll keep you posted with any updates on Fenix. A lot of promotions will be checking for them.

UPDATE: According to AAW, Fenix suffered a muscle contusion. He’s been treated and released by the hospital, and will return to the ring soon after “some rest”...

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