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Check out the latest entry into the pro wrestling/choreographed dance debate

Time for everyone’s second favorite game (after work or shoot), is this professional wrestling?

Jordan Oliver and Blake Christian had a match against one another in Game Changer Wrestling (GCW). The bout began with a sequence that has taken the internet by storm. Some applaud the athletic efforts, while others claim it is not pro wrestling.

Here is the sequence to judge for yourself.

Wrestling personalities weighed in with praise or criticism. For the sake of not spamming the original video in quote-tweets, some of these responses will be in text form.

Of course, Jim Cornette was not a fan.

Jim Cornette: Wrestling in 2019--12 foot ring with two 150 pound kids doing a choreographed dance routine & 84 “fans” reacting like they’re watching Ali vs. Frazier. I’m sorry for the people who like this hot garbage but I’ll continue pointing out how this is an embarrassment to the sport.

Will Ospreay was on the positive side of the fence, especially given that he has experienced similar split reactions.

Will Ospreay: Lot of people just tearing it, why don’t people of more experience side of wrestling just message these guys and offer advice. They clearly have the ability to be game changers in Jr Heavyweight wrestling. When me & Rico had the same backlash it stirred so much controversy

Joey Ryan offered advice. He knows all about controversial wrestling sequences.

Joey Ryan: The best advice I ever got was from Matt Jackson. “When you’re over, the normal rules don’t apply.” You & @Air_Blake2234 have obviously struck a chord in the industry. Keep experimenting, keep pushing boundaries, keeping moving forward. If you can get it over, it’s never wrong.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. applauded their effort in trying something different.

Michael Elgin offered support to Christian.

Big Mike had more to say here about vets crapping on them instead of offering critiques. He put Oliver and Christian over for taking up his offer for advice.

Justin Credible’s anti reaction was met with an interesting comparison involving ECW veterans.

Justin Credible: All I’m saying is Wrestling is supposed to be a simulated fight Not a stunt show. Yes these young men are very talented. But it is not professional wrestling

A fan responded to Credible with a clip of RVD vs Jerry Lynn.

To which RVD had this to say.

My favorite take is from Lucha Underground pizza connoisseur Vinnie Massaro. He really puts it in perspective.

The reply that made me laugh the most came from Jim Cornette. You’ll have to listen the video from his quote tweet to get the joke.

As for my personal fan opinion, it’s not my cup of tea. The sequence doesn’t live up to awesome praise, but it also isn’t terrible. It is what it is for today’s modern wrestling product. One tweak I would make is at the end. Their faces are too close to each other when they stop to preen for the crowd’s reaction. I would have had Oliver blast Christian in the face when Christian stops a touch too early. That would have at least added a feeling that they were in a fight to hit the pay window.

What’s your take? Did it thrill you? Or was it hokey? Should the sequence from Jordan Oliver and Blake Christian be considered professional wrestling or professional dance?

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