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MLW Fusion: Pentagon battles Teddy Hart

MLW Fusion returned from Miami with episode 38. Featured bouts were Gringo Loco vs LA Park and Pentagon vs Teddy Hart. There were also plenty of promos with updates on Kotto Brazil’s eye and Konnan’s health.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Gringo Loco vs LA Park

LA Park’s entrance video is pretty cool. It has scenes of a voodoo altar, Day of the Dead people, a spooky church, and a graveyard of skulls. He was accompanied by Salina de la Renta. She had a promo in the corner of the screen. “My new year’s resolution is a year of the revolution of violence in Promociones Dorado. Ha ha ha ha.”

There was lots of fan interaction, crotch chops, masturbatory motions, and skeleton struts. The match began with brawling into the crowd. Park controlled the pace with a belt whip, beer can punch, and powerbombing Gringo Loco onto two dinner chairs.

Gringo got his wind after a springboard cutter, a tope con hilo, and climbing the lighting rig at the entrance way for a flying crossbody.

For the finish, referee Frank Gastineau was a a little more involved than his official duties should allow. He warned Park about closed fist punches in the corner. Park might have been kicked Gringo in the gonads, but I’m not sure because I couldn’t see where his foot was landing. Whatever it was, Gastineau had enough and restrained Park from behind. A boot from Gringo sent Park down backward on top of Gastineau. Gringo went high risk with a middle rope frog splash, but Park moved. Gringo crashed down upon Gastineau instead.

A concerned Gringo tended to the referee. Park used that moment to attack with a spear. Gastineau promptly counted to three, a little too quickly if you ask me. Park was victorious.

Promos aplenty

There were a bunch of separate promos in succession until the main event.

First up, Kaci Lennox asked Kotto Brazil about the nightclub incident involving Ricky Martinez. Brazil provided his version of events. Brazil was doing what he does in the club. He thinks Martinez came over in a dispute about taking his women. A champagne bottle sneak attack to the eye followed. Brazil has to wear an eye patch until the healing is complete. Brazil is coming for that ass.

If you were wondering what Brazil looks like wearing an eye patch, here you go.

Konnan gave an update on his health over the phone. He’s feeling, “really beat up. I got a concussion, a possible punctured liver, a kidney, and there’s blood in my urine. They’re taking some tests just to see what’s going on, but I don’t want no pity. I knew what I was getting myself into. Ki, what you started, I’m going to end.”

Low Ki provided his thoughts about Tom Lawlor. “I made the deal with the devil a long time ago. You, the cage killer, you’re no conqueror. I’m Genghis Khan! You’re no conqueror. I’m going to tear your heart out in front of your children. I’m going to make an example out of you. One no one will ever forget.”

Team Filthy member Fred Yehi had words for Low Ki. Yehi was in Germany for three months. He has been getting stronger, faster, and winning fights. His response to the hit put out on Tom Lawlor by Promociones Dorado was to yell BALD HEAD in reference to Low Ki. Yehi finished by challenging Low Ki next week. Later in the show, it was mentioned that that bout was accepted.

Kaci Lennox asked Ace Romero about how he will spend his winnings from last week’s Simon Gotch $20,000 challenge. Acey Baby responded, “I think I’m going to spend half the money on, well, I get kind of hungry, so... And the other half, I probably shouldn’t disclose here.” Is he going to hire prostitutes? Romero continued by proclaiming his desire to fight for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

SuperFight will have two main events; Low Ki vs Tom Lawlor for the World Heavyweight Championship and Lucha Bros vs Hart Foundation for the Tag Team Championship. Ace Romero, Sammy Guevara, and Puma King will also wrestle.

Tommy Dreamer cut a promo about next week’s Singapore cane match against Brain Pillman Jr. Dreamer explained the intricacies of how the cane hurts. “The beauty of this, it’s as hard as a baseball bat when you get hit with it. It takes the very breath out of you. As the same time as it hits you, the wood opens and cuts your skin. And when you get hit repeated over and over again, the swelling, the blood, the taking away from your breath, when you just want to say no more, you have to get up.” Damn. Dreamer has a love-hate relationship with the cane. He closed by saying, “Brian Pillman, you don’t know the pain you’re about to experience.”

Pentagon vs Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart was joined by his Hart Foundation buds, Davey Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. Smith was wearing garish print garments. Pillman had a velvety red smoking jacket.

Hart offered a handshake, but Pentagon cero miedo’d in his face. Pentagon chopped early until Hart gained the advantage after a unique piledriver using the ropes for extra power. Hart followed up with a moonsault to the outside.

Smith took a shot at Pentagon as Pillman distracted the referee. Pentagon promptly retaliated with a super kick and a big chop. “Chingan a su puta madre.” Later, Pentagon dropkicked Pillman into the announce table. There was a loud ping noise as it looked like Pillman accidentally banged the back of his head on the table. Ouch.

Highlights of the fight include a Mexican Destroyer on the apron by Pentagon, a package piledriver by Pentagon, a leaping Mexican Destroyer by Pentagon, a moonsault by Hart, a springbaord moonsault elbow drop by Hart, a Pentagon driver by Pentagon, a twisting moonsault by Hart, a jumping Canadian Destroyer by Hart, and a springboard moonsault by Hart.

For the finish, Hart took control with a lung blower, cradle DDT, and another lung blower. That was enough to win.

Two solid matches and a bevy of promos made episode 38 of MLW Fusion an enjoyable show. Low Ki and Tommy Dreamer had the best promos in the episode, while Gringo Loco’s flying crossbody off the lighting rig was the move of the night.

It looks like Tom Lawlor is getting in Low Ki’s head. During Low Ki’s promo, he was a little unhinged, or at least not as stoic as usual during his supervillain promos. His line about being Genghis Khan and wanting to tear out Lawlor’s heart continued to increase my interest for their eventual bout at SuperFight.

Tommy Dreamer’s intense promo about the Singapore cane also continued to get me pumped for next week’s match against Brian Pillman Jr. The way Dreamer speaks from experience gives a true veteran vs rookie feel.

Pentagon vs Teddy Hart was a quality main event. I was surprised Hart won clean, which made the match more satisfying overall. Pentagon fought hard and still looked impressive despite defeat. That goes to show that losing clean doesn’t have to diminish the status of true stars. MLW did cover their bases though by referencing how Pentagon refused medical attention last week after being jumped. It implied that Pentagon was not 100% healthy.

Which was your favorite promo from episode 38 of MLW Fusion? Which wrestler was luchador of the evening in your opinion?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05 pm ET.

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