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Give the Hart Foundation the respect, the gold, and the MONEY!

The latest episode of H2tv titled, “Respect the Shooters,” with the new era Hart Foundation contains two simple scenes. The first is of Brian Pillman Jr. chatting up babes on the phone during a cardio session and Teddy Hart with Pillman having words for the MLW tag team champion Lucha Bros. Enjoy.

That was a solid promo by Hart. I especially find interesting his take on discovering Fenix and Pentagon.

“I was in Mexico when you guys started. I helped train you. During a drug war when nobody wanted to be in Mexico, I discovered two of the ‘so-called’ greatest guys.”

I don’t know how true it is, but it makes a good story for H2tv. Hart can join the long list of veterans claiming to have a large influence on the world’s hottest luchadores in Fenix and Pentagon.

Trying to top last week’s H2tv episode with Teddy Hart’s moonsaulting cat, Mr. Velvet, is a near impossible task. However, there were two minor things that caught my eye for a chuckle. The first involved Pillman slapping Hart hard on the back and almost spilling Hart’s wine unintentionally. The second was Pillman looking like a goofball with flip-up sunglasses.


While the third episode of H2tv was enjoyable, I feel that it is the least best of the bunch. I have to say least best, because it was still worth watching. I’m curious to see how H2tv evolves over time. I’m guessing all the episodes were taped during MLW’s Miami shows, so they haven’t had any chance to adjust to feedback yet. Plus, Davey Smith Jr. has been missing from the crew while wrestling in Japan.

Personally, I’d like to see longer videos and perhaps add in some simple mini adventures rather than always doing stationary promos. Aside from more Mr. Velvet, what would you like to see in future H2tv episodes?

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