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MLW Roundup: Promociones Dorado fined for shanking Konnan, Davey Smith Jr. signs, Match of the Year

Let’s catch up on the week’s major news in MLW.

The lead story this week is the fallout from Low Ki stabbing Konnan in the kidney during their no disqualification MLW World Heavyweight Championship bout. The quick version of events is that Promociones Dorado utilized a numbers advantage to hold Konnan down as Low Ki used, “a foreign object believed to be an improvised weapon,” to shank Konnan in the ring.

MLW CEO Court Bauer stated via press release:

“That stuff they pulled has no place in MLW or this sport. We’re fining them. All of them. Maybe a lot more than just fines, too. I’m not happy with any of these guys. Low Ki and Promociones Dorado tested the latitude afforded to a participant in a no disqualification match. You use a weapon like that and then what’s next? A chainsaw? I’m coming down hard on Promociones this time.”

That is tough talk from Bauer, but I wouldn’t bet on any action being taken beyond fines. He has expressed similar sentiments in the past and taken no action.

That said, Promociones Dorado did receive healthy fines. Whether they pay them or not is another story.

  • Low Ki: $15,000
  • Salina de la Renta: $15,000
  • Ricky Martinez: $7,500
  • Hijo de LA Park: $7,500

Konnan is expected to speak about the incident on tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on beIN SPORTS.

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I’m not sure how MLW will progress with this story given that Konnan would need months of recovery time before wrestling again, but it sure does feel like a stupendous setup for a far into the future War Games fight between Konnan, Fenix, Pentagon, and Tom Lawlor against Low Ki, Ricky Martinez, LA Park, and Hijo de LA Park. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for that match to come to fruition.

Two talents re-sign

Fresh off Teddy Hart inking a new deal with MLW, his Hart Foundation partner, Davey Smith Jr., also re-signed.

The MLW multi-year contract is not exclusive and will allow Smith to still appear in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. It is a good thing MLW locked Smith up. If rumors are to be believed, Ring of Honor was trying to poach Smith before MLW’s Miami shows. ROH already snatched PCO away from those tapings, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumor was true, even though they deny it.

Another re-signing was also announced this week.

Gringo Loco debuted with MLW during the Chicago tapings and continued with MLW in the Miami shows when the injury bug hit the card. The press release has an interesting way to describe his style:

A cunning veteran, this resourceful rudo is known for his ability to use his body as a gravitational base to counter his high flying opponents.

Perhaps I’m not understanding it correctly, but it sounds to me like they are phrasing it as Gringo Loco is good for luchadores to hit their fancy moves on. Being able to take moves doesn’t sound like an exciting strong suit. It is sort of a backhanded compliment. That skill got him a contract though, so what do I know.

Court Bauer profiled

MLW CEO Court Bauer was recently profiled by Chuck Carroll from CBS New York/Miami. If you aren’t familiar with Bauer’s history on the wrestling scene, the article provides an interesting timeline. Bauer began by working as an intern with Afa Anoaʻi’s promotion in Pennsylvania. That led to Bauer starting MLW’s first run in 2002. MLW gained recognition among ECW aficionados, but the new company could not sustain as MLW closed in 2004.

Bauer got a shot with WWE in 2005 as a writer. After parting ways with WWE, Bauer began the MLW Radio Network. That eventually led to MLW returning as a wrestling promotion in 2017. MLW has exceeded expectations.

According to Bauer, the original business plan was to be on TV within three years. MLW: Fusion premiered on national television within four months. He and his partners weren’t expecting to run live broadcasts until year four, but just had their first last week. And more are expected in the new year.

Bauer’s New Year Instagram message lays out other achievements.

2019 should be a heck of a year for MLW. It begins with SuperFight.

Second main event for SuperFight

One big match had been previously announced to take place at SuperFight on February 2 in Philadelphia.

Now, we have another huge bout to join Low Ki vs Tom Lawlor.

The Lucha Bros, Fenix and Pentagon, will be putting their tag team titles on the line against the Hart Foundation. The bout had been scheduled for the Miami shows until Fenix was sidelined with a groin injury. It only seems fair that the Hart Foundation are the first to challenge the Lucha Bros upon their return.

The Hart Foundation will have the surprise advantage by not revealing which two of their three members until showtime. Teddy Hart, Davey Smith Jr., and Brian Pillman Jr. are all game competitors, but it seems to me like Hart and Smith would be the smartest decision. Even though Pillman won rookie of the year in MLW, he’s still green around the edges.

If you can’t wait until SuperFight for that huge matchup, then you can get a taste tonight on MLW Fusion as Pentagon faces Teddy Hart in singles action.

LA Park vs Gringo Loco will wrestle as well. That match is supposed to have good reviews. For all we know, it might have been the reason Gringo Loco was signed to a contract.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05pm ET.

1000% Chingon

MLW has a new t-shirt available in their merchandise section.

I think it is a t-shirt referring to Rush, but I am not certain. Either way, wearing a shirt saying 1000% cool, awesome, badass can still work on many occasions even if you aren’t a fan of Rush. The t-shirt is available for purchase on the Pro Wrestling Tees website.

Good news! A sale for was just announced. Get 20% off with the promo code WRESTLEKINGDOM good through Monday, January 7 at noon CT.

MLW Match of the Year

MLW officials and fans together decided on the Match of the Year for 2018. The winner is:

The battle between Pentagon and LA Park in a Mexican Massacre Match took home the award. Check out the press release for a match recap with GIFs or watch Episode 25 to view the duel for yourself. I started watching MLW with Episode 31, so I have no thoughts to add about the bout since I have yet to soak in its glory. Having seen enough of each luchador in the ring, I have no doubt the match delivered the goods in tough guy fashion.

Honorable mention includes War Games (Episode 22), Lucha Bros vs Rich Swann & ACH (Episode 19), and Low Ki vs Rey Fenix (Episode 24).

Which was your favorite MLW match from 2018?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05pm ET.

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