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MLW Fusion review: Low Ki stabbed Konnan in the kidney

MLW Fusion was back from Miami with episode 37. Featured bouts were a Simon Gotch prize fight challenge, Ariel Dominguez vs Andrew Everett, and the mega main event of Konnan vs Low Ki in a no disqualification bout for Low Ki’s MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

On to a recap and review of the show...

The show opened with a nice video package recap of the feud between Konnan and Low Ki. It catches you up to date if you haven’t been watching MLW in the past year. The clips and audio snippets properly pumped me up for the main event.

Simon Gotch’s $20,000 prize fight challenge

The snitching stooge Simon Gotch cut a promo to call out the competition. “There has been a disease growing in MLW for some time now. (Tony Schiavone: Huh, you’re telling me.) And the infection has reached pandemic levels, so unfortunately I am going to have to act as the even hand of justice for this dishonorable crew of reprobates. So, how about you send me just anyone in the back who feels greedy, anyone who thinks twenty thousand dollars is worth losing their life over. I don’t care, whoever you got, please, anyone. I want to make someone feel some pain tonight, so you give him to me right now.”

Who would answer the challenge?

Enter the 400 pound Ace Romero. Oh my.

The rules for the challenge are that Romero has to last five minutes to win the money. Gotch threw some chops then attempted a single leg takedown, but Romero was too much man. Gotch jumped up on Romero’s back for a choke, however, Romero tossed him forward to the mat. Gotch slid out of the ring to regroup.

Back in the ring, Gotch fought back with a flurry of strikes. He ran the ropes right into a slam by Romero. Romero was feeling the flow and hit the ropes for a running elbow drop. 1, 2, 3! Wow. I was not expecting that result.

Romero is $20,000 richer. He tossed some $100 bills into the crowd.

Ricky Martinez party video and interview

MLW provided an update to the Kotto Brazil injury story with a video of Ricky Martinez partying in a limousine. The footage supposedly took place shortly after the alleged nightclub attack to Brazil. It was a scene of liquor, ladies, and butt cheeks with dollars. I don’t think I’m allowed to post screenshots of the grinding rump shakers.

Reporters caught up with Martinez for an ambush interview on a later day. The beef seems to be about Brazil being an upstart disrespecting the veteran Martinez. MLW suspended Martinez, but he’s not concerned as a member of Promociones Dorado. Martinez flashed a stack of cash and a gold watch. He has places to be and money to make. To Martinez’s credit, he was nice enough to thank the interviewer for his time.

Ariel Dominguez vs Andrew Everett

Team Filthy member Ariel Dominguez must be packing on the muscle. He was listed at 125 pounds a few weeks ago and now is billed at 140 pounds. Andrew Everett’s theme song had a Beastie Boys’ riff from, “Sure Shot,” which used a sample from, “Howlin’ for Judy,” by Jeremy Steig. Everett called himself the apex of agility.

The size difference was the story of this bout. Everett acted arrogant over his height advantage on the diminutive Dominguez. Highlights include a springboard moonsault by Everett, a roll-through German suplex by Dominguez, and a backflip kick by Everett.

For the finish, Dominguez got his knees up on Everett’s backflip tuck splash. Dominguez rolled Everett up to win.

Promos, promos, promos

Konnan is ready for his championship match tonight. He can see through Low Ki and Salina de la Renta and will expose them. “I’m on point like a decimal. Low Ki, like I said before, I’m going to take you into the deepest waters you’ve ever been in. I’m going to drown you in public in front of everybody.”

Tommy Dreamer had words for Brian Pillman Jr. Dreamer underestimated Pillman last week. As a second generation wrestler, will Pillman have a career or be a footnote? Their Singapore cane match will take place on MLW Fusion in two weeks. Dreamer hooked me on the match with this part of his promo:

“I bare the scares everyday. I can’t go to the beach and not hide my kind of dad bod. I can’t go to the beach, because when I walk around, people see all these scars. People look at me. When I’m holding my daughter’s hand, they say what the hell happened to that guy. Fire burns. But no, these scars have lasted for a lifetime.

Or when I jump up in the middle of the night, because I see the Sandman caning me over and over again. (Dreamer mimicked flinching and covering up in his sleep.) Or when I deflect things in the middle of the night. You can no clue what’s in this head.”

H2tv is back with scenes of Brian Pillman Jr. on the treadmill while chatting with his babes and Teddy Hart discussing the tag champs, Fenix and Pentagon. Teddy Hart vs Pentagon in singles action will be next week on MLW Fusion.

Tom Lawlor had an outdoor promo about Low Ki and their match at SuperFight in February. Lawlor wants Low Ki to look into his eyes, because it is something Low Ki won’t see in the mirror. Lawlor listed his own positive attributes and Low Ki’s negative behaviors. Lawlor closed with, “I’m going to show you exactly how a real professional fighter handles business.”

No disqualification for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Low Ki vs Konnan

Let’s go to the tale of the tape.

MLW Fusion

Konnan entered wearing jeans and a Dwyane Wade jersey, Miami Vice style. His theme song began with, “Guantanamera,” mixing into a harder version. Low Ki was accompanied by Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez. There was a little less than nine minutes left in the show after entrances and introductions.

Ding, ding, ding. Low Ki charged, but Konnan evaded. Low Ki tossed the referee, turned around, and BAM! Konnan hit Low Ki in the head with a lock in a sock.

The ref was a step slow to begin his count. 1, 2, Martinez dragged Low Ki out of the ring. The champ was out cold on the floor. Low Ki was bloody when he returned to the ring.

Fierce body shots by Low Ki to keep Konnan back. Konnan unloaded with a huge punch to knock Low Ki down to the mat. Tequila Sunrise! Could Konnan become the heavyweight champion?

Martinez entered the ring to break the submission hold with kicks. Martinez held Konnan up for a Low Ki attack, however, Konnan broke free. Low Ki’s running dropkick hit Martinez instead.

Low blow by Konnan. Salina entered with her cane. Konnan snatched the cane and threatened violence. Low Ki rushed Konnan from behind. Low Ki grabbed a beer bottle and curb stomped Konnan onto the glass. Damn.

Low Ki focused his strikes on Konnan’s bloody head. Martinez took turns for a 2-on-1 advantage. Hijo de LA Park joined the carnage to help hold down Konnan. Salina raised up a prison shiv or something resembling it. Low Ki was pounding Konnan’s kidneys, then he stabbed the object deep into Konnan’s organ. Goodness gracious.

The referee called off the fight. I guess it was a no contest.

The bad guys kept at it until Tom Lawlor hit the ring for the save.

Afterward, the cameras went to the back to show Pentagon rolling on the ground in pain. That was a nice way to cover the storyline question of why none of Konnan’s homies came out to help. It was something I was wondering while watching. Now, we have an answer.

Episode 37 of MLW Fusion is not for little kids. Between Ricky Martinez’s partying and Low Ki shanking Konnan in the kidney, the R rating was in full effect. That is one reason why I enjoyed the episode so much. It was over the top but not over the line.

The show was a little light on wrestling action but heavy on story entertainment. Ace Romero’s victory in the Simon Gotch challenge was a huge shocker to me. I figured Gotch would find a way to weasel a victory. Ariel Dominguez defeating Andrew Everett was another intriguing upset. Tommy Dreamer’s promo amped me up for the Singapore cane match against Brian Pillman Jr. in two weeks. Dreamer’s beach story was a fantastic way to paint the picture of how those violent matches have affected his personal life. It added an element of reality to emphasize the seriousness of what we will be seeing.

How about that main event? I was curious how they would work with Konnan given his physical limitations. As a fan, I could not have been more pleased. The atmosphere was rocking that big fight feel. They sucked me in with the lock in a sock and the Tequila Sunrise. Deep down, I knew Konnan wasn’t going to win. But if either of those moves were successful, I would have ran around the house in excitement.

Yeah, the fight devolved into a weak finish with Low Ki having goons at his side. The kidney puncture made up for it. It was the type of ending that makes me eager to come back for more MLW. I can’t wait to see how Konnan exacts revenge for Low Ki’s dastardly deed.

What did you think about the main event? What is your opinion about how MLW booked the match given Konnan’s health? Does that kind of finish turn you off or turn you up?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05pm ET.

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