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MLW Fusion: Sami Callihan and LA Park went to war in a fantastic falls count anywhere main event

MLW Fusion emanated from Miami once again with episode 41. Kotto Brazil returned to action against Vandal Ortagun, two goons interrupted a super heavyweight bout, and a wild falls count anywhere fight featured Sami Callihan and LA Park. Get your eyes on that main event. I’m confident in saying you will be entertained.

On to a recap and review of the show...

The opening was in memory of Dr. Rex Bacchus.

Next came a video package displaying Sami Callihan’s MLW exploits as a maniac-for-hire doing Promociones Dorado’s dirty work and the rift between Salina de La Renta and him, which led to tonight’s match against LA Park.

Vandal Ortagun vs Kotto Brazil

This was Kotto Brazil’s first match back after being stabbed in the eye with a champagne glass by Ricky Martinez. The story was about how well Brazil would compete given his injury status. He wrestled while wearing an eyepatch. Brazil’s depth perception appeared to be fine as he connected on two consecutive suicide dives and a tope con hilo.

Vandal Ortagun is 175 pounds hailing from Istanbul, Turkey. He focused on attacking Brazil’s injured eye with moves like pulling the eyepatch away to let it snap back. Ortagun did what he felt was needed.

It was a hard fought affair. Highlights include a double rolling German suplex by Brazil, a bridging German suplex pin by Brazil, a springboard crossbody splash across the ring by Brazil, and a Code Red by Brazil.

For the finish, Brazil hit a cutter then nailed a running Sliced Bread for victory.

After the match, Ricky Martinez stormed the ring. He ambushed Brazil from behind to smash his face into the turnbuckle. Martinez continued with a front suplex slam then stole Brazil’s eyepatch as a souvenir.

Tommy Dreamer promo

Over the phone, Tommy Dreamer expressed his feelings about Brian Pillman Jr. challenging him to any type of match in the old ECW arena when MLW comes to Philadelphia. Dreamer won’t have to look very far to find a partner for their mystery tag match at SuperFight. No matter who Pillman chooses, he will lose. Dreamer closed by telling Pillman to never disrespect him again.

Hmm. I’m not sure I’m buying the attitude from Dreamer. He had his chance in the Singapore cane match to humble Pillman and failed to turn up the heat. We’ll see what happens next week in the newly announced empty arena match between the two.

Barrington Hughes v Ace Romero

Whoa, yeah. The big boys are ready to clash. The Caramel Colossus vs Acey Baby. 865 pounds. #SuperHeavy.

The two large dudes sized each other up as they let the crowd percolate. Collar-and-elbow tie up. No advantage either way on the break. Running shoulder block off the ropes by Ace Romero. Nothing. Romero began clubbing Barrington Hughes with forearm blows. Hughes felt no pain. Romero ran the ropes again, but Hughes attacked with a running chest bump. Romero went full steam ahead with a running missile dropkick as Hughes was focused on the crowd. The two stared down once more in the center of the ring.

”Hold up there, fat boys.” Colonel Parker was at the entrance with a scathing promo about the super heavies. “I ain’t seen so much pork in one place since my granddaddy’s barbecue. Hey, Barrington. You missed your calling tonight, son. You could have been a big winner. Just a few blocks down the street here, they got a pie eating contest. You’re a natural for it, boy. And you, you big ole bucket of lard. Let me tell you, son. If the...”

In ran the Dirty Blondes. The referee immediately made an impromptu tag match.

Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero vs The Dirty Blondes

The big boys made quick work of the tubby blondes. Romero countered an Irish whip into forcing the Blondes to smash each other. Hughes followed with a double clothesline. Crisscross running splashes obliterated the bad guys. A set of power slams won the match for the big men.

The two behemoths shook hands after the match. Hughes’ hand motions seemed to imply that they should team up to challenge for tag team gold. Hughes raised Romero’s hand, but Romero didn’t look to be 100 percent on board.


H2tv was back with another edition of amusing musings from Brian Pillman Jr. and Teddy Hart. They discussed the Hart Foundation’s tag team title opportunity against the Lucha Bros. Hart’s cats had a special cameo appearance.

Sami Callihan promo

Sami Callihan mock cried. He didn’t give a crap about Promociones Dorado’s message. He did what he did for the money as a maniac for hire. One little mess up and now Salina de la Renta sicced LA park on him. Callihan is not afraid. He will be sending LA Park packing.

Low Ki promo

Low Ki responded to Tom Lawlor’s mocking last week. Ki made weird inferences about Lawlor missing a large chunk of his finances, his wife, and his kids. I didn’t follow what he was trying to elude to.

At SuperFight, Lawlor will be putting his reputation for being filthy on the line. Ki knows his own reputation precedes him. Some say he is too serious or takes things too far. In Philadelphia, Ki may take things to the extreme. Solid promo.

Falls count anywhere: Sami Callihan vs LA Park

Sami Callihan brought a trashcan with trinkets to the ring. LA Park entered with a chair. Shout out to Rich Bocchini for calling LA Park the, “Chairman of Chingon.” Sweet line.

The fight took a little bit of time to begin, but, once it did, goodness gracious. Chop fest to start. Park chopped Callihan so hard that blood bruises were showing right away.

MLW Fusion

When the action spilled outside, Park hit a suicide dive to a seated Callihan. Park went to dive again a short while later. This time Callihan brutalized Park with a trashcan after liftoff.

The two brawled around ringside. It culminated with a suplex onto a trashcan and guardrail.

Eventually, the action went outside.

Park chased Callihan outdoors. Callihan hit Park with a traffic cone, so Park retaliated by throwing ice.

Back inside the arena, the referee ‘broke’ his ankle when Callihan rolled on his leg when being tossed in by Park. Some fisticuffs took place, then Park nailed a big scoop power slam on Callihan. 1, 2, ...

The ref didn’t finish the count, because he was in too much pain. Boooo! What a jabroni.

Park paid that ref back with a cookie tray beating. Callihan capitalized on the distraction with a low blow. The ref sprang back to count on a roll-up. Park kicked out at two. Chump ass ref.

For the finish, Callihan set up six open chairs. He attempted a powerbomb onto the chairs, but Park sandbagged his weight to escape. Punches by each man. Park whipped Callihan into the corner. Callihan raised his legs up and over a charging Park. Callihan rolled back to his feet. At that moment, Park speared Callihan onto the chairs. 1, 2, 3.

That match was a load of fun. Two thumbs up.

Episode 41 brought MLW Fusion back to its winning ways. The past few episodes were okay but a little forgettable. This week’s show delivered the goods with interesting story progression, funny promos, and a bonkers main event.

The opening bout was longer than I expected it to be. Victor Ortagun was tough, but it felt more like a showcase for Kotto Brazil’s flashy moves. It was my first time seeing Ortagun. His solid effort made me curious to watch him again. Brazil certainly wowed with his speed and intensity. I’m definitely on board with Kotto and could become a fan of his. It will be easy to root for him against that scoundrel Ricky Martinez. After that, we shall see.

I have mixed feelings at the super heavyweight clash. On one hand, I am disappointed that the full bout didn’t go through as planned. But, Colonel Parker’s interrupting promo was hilarious. On the other hand, I am very intrigued about a tag team partnership. I would love to see Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero challenge the Lucha Bros. If the partnership turns out to be long form storytelling, all the better. It kind of reminds me of the classic Scott Norton and Ice Train saga in WCW, albeit with totally different physiques for the big men.

The main event was quite satisfying. It provided physical action but nothing over the top for the sake of being over the top, like thumbtacks or light tubes. The moments of humor were well placed. LA Park’s dance and strut will always crack a smile from me. Callihan had his own silliness by doing a mock strut. There was another funny moment when Park did a rowdy high-pitched, “Wha haaa haa,” and Callihan doing his version of the same noises. The finish was brutal and unexpected. I didn’t see that spear coming until Callihan was already off his feet. The visual of the pin on top of the chairs was a perfect cherry for that fight. Clap, clap. Bravo to Callihan and Park.

Who was the star of episode 41? Are you interested in the super heavy tag team of Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero? What is your rating for the falls count anywhere main event?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05 pm ET.

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