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Teddy Hart’s cat is a trained professional and a hit at strip clubs

In the continuing hiatus of the Hart Foundation’s H2tv series, let’s dig into another Chris Van Vliet interview. Last time, Brian Pillman Jr. was the guest. This time, Teddy Hart is the focus.

Whenever Teddy Hart’s name comes up these days, there are two topics in particular that get mentioned often: his moonsaulting cat, Mr. Velvet, and his past reputation as being difficult to work with. Both of those topics were discussed.

First up is Mr. Velvet.

Hart talked about his cat possibly appearing with MLW and taking him to strip clubs.

Chris Van Vliet: We thought that Tyson Kidd liked cats a lot, and he’s like, “Oh no, wait til you meet Teddy.”

Teddy Hart: Yeah, I love my cats and I have a cat I trained named Mr. Velvet that comes out to the ring with me. I was going to bring him on MLW TV, but we got to go over it, I guess, because it’s a live show, so they didn’t want any little hiccups to happen or anything like that. And I think they need to see him in action to realize. He just did a show for Tommy Dreamer. There was like a thousand people there. He did awesome.

Van Vliet: How does the cat not freak out with all those people?

Hart: He went to the strip club last night, the cat. He got to come in the strip club and he was awesome, big star of the club. We walked around the whole club.

Van Vliet: He was the hottest p**** in the club. ... When you get to a strip club and you say, “My cat’s coming in with me,” what do they say?

Hart: I have service animal papers, emotional support papers, so usually a couple of twenties in the right people’s hands and then show them that the cat is obviously really docile and he’s not going to cause any heat. And you got to usually talk to the right guys and mull it through. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but I’ve been lucky with certain clubs. They know us. We spend a lot of money, bought a lot of bottles, showed up in a limo. They knew we were working for a TV show, so they cut me some slack and let the cat come in.

Van Vliet: What do the women think of it in the strip club?

Hart: They love the cat. I think he has good energy too. People love him. He’s so friendly and it’s rare to see a cat that’s friendly and that calm. It’s kind of my niche thing and it helps me sell shirts and merch. Sometimes kids want to see the cat more than they want to see Teddy Hart. So, whatever works.

For anyone that needs permission to hit the strip joint, now you have an excuse whenever Teddy Hart is in your town. You can say you were there for Mr. Velvet’s autograph. It wouldn’t even be a lie either.

Speaking of selling shirts, get a load of this amazing design available for purchase at Pro Wrestling Tees.

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With a shirt that awesome, it is no surprise that superstars such as Rob Van Dam, David Arquette, Rich Swann & the Briscoe Brothers, and Bayley & Sasha Banks have all lined up for photo opportunities with Mr. Velvet.

Be sure to follow Mr. Velvet on Instagram.

The cat stories are good fun. Hart discussing his maturation in the wrestling business is a more serious subject. Hart had been locked up in prison for a year while fighting his case, in which the charges were withdrawn. That experience gave Hart a greater appreciation for his opportunities and has helped him reflect on his reputation.

I think a lot of the Teddy Hart stuff was hype, and I tried to sell things to the boys as more being real or I play my character outside of the ring to try to keep the fans guessing. And I think it was taken wrong sometimes or maybe just doing a lot of stuff and making it more difficult for the other guys. I think I did set a precedent, like a certain meter for excellence.

Hart always tried to steal the show due to the pressure of his family’s legacy.

To come in and be less than what they were, I think it would probably be detrimental to the Hart name. I tried to be the evolution of execution, to evolve the moves and to come up with the newest moves and the most dangerous looking moves, but perform them safely. Obviously, that’s the key. I’ve never hurt anyone in wrestling.

Becoming a locker room leader has helped Hart mature in the wrestling business.

I pride myself on trying to be the guy that’s helping a lot of young guys get a push too and finding other talent. Konnan’s another guy that finds a lot of talent. I think that makes you mature, because now your life is becoming more of a coach and a parental figure to guys and a role model.

While listening to Hart tell his tale, he really comes across as a humble and passionate fellow. Hart truly seems dedicated to changing the negative perception some might have of him.

The interview also delves into Teddy Hart’s thoughts about working with Gabe Sapolsky, his dream match opponents, having a desire to wrestle into his sixties, if he would let his son wrestle, his relationship with WWE, and his opinion on Bret Hart’s relationship with WWE. I recommend giving a listen to the entire thirty minute chat.

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