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MLW Roundup: Rush pulled, SuperFight news, Wale tease, Wrestler of the Year, Rex Bacchus passes away

Let’s catch up on the week’s major news in MLW.

The lead story this week is Rush being pulled from his April main event against bitter rival LA Park. The press release states:

Despite efforts by MLW Rush was pulled due to the insistence of a third party promoter.

“This is a match and organization Rush wanted to be a part of but sometimes politics get in the way and that’s what this comes down to: politics,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.

MLW’s press releases often mix reality with outlandishness, so it is tough to tell if the above is factual or just a simple way to write Rush off. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was truth to it.

Rush recently signed with Ring of Honor. His home promotion in Mexico, CMLL, has a working relationship with ROH. Plus, never discount the possibility of jealousy and CMLL attempting a power play to put the kibosh on the Rush vs LA Park super feud happening anywhere outside of CMLL (Editor’s note: According to sources like PWInsider and Wrestling Observer, CMLL did push Rush to work with Ring of Honor over MLW as part of efforts to strengthen their relationships with ROH and New Japan. Insider says MLW’s request to allow Rush to work Superfight was turned down by Ring of Honor, which ROH denies).

One of MLW’s strengths is to make lemonade out of lemons. They quickly announced a new main event. LA Park will wrestle Pentagon in a rematch of MLW’s Match of the Year for 2018. That is some sweet lemonade.

For all those Rush fans out there, don’t fret just yet about his departure from MLW. Tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion features Rush vs Shane Strickland in the main event.

Also on the card will be 400 pound Ace Romero against 140 pound Ariel Dominguez, Ricky Martinez vs Gringo Loco, and the Hart Foundation battling the Dirty Blondes. Personally, I’m hoping for Colonel Robert Parker to make an appearance alongside the Dirty Blondes.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05 pm ET.

Shoutout to Cagesider Cas Umaha for bringing the Rush story to my attention.

SuperFight news

MLW’s next event, SuperFight, is coming together nicely. The card already has Low Ki vs Tom Lawlor for the heavyweight championship, the Lucha Bros vs the Hart Foundation for the tag team titles, Aerostar vs Rey Horus, and Ace Romero vs Simon Gotch.

Time to add another bout to the list.

Fresh off their Singapore cane match, Tommy Dreamer and Brian Pillman Jr. square off again. This time, mystery tag partners will be involved. Who would you like to see fill those roles?

In a fantasy world, I would pick Steve Austin and Ric Flair. Austin and Pillman have a tailor-made feud ready to roll.

More realistic options for Dreamer could be ECW veterans, like Sabu or Rob Van Dam, or a past foe of Pillman’s in Kevin Sullivan. As for Pillman’s partner, I don’t have much of an idea outside of Teddy Hart and Davey Smith Jr.

Gringo Loco, Puma King, DJZ, Ricky Martinez, MJF, Myron Reed, and Konnan are on the list to appear. No mention yet of their plans.

Also on board for SuperFight is Mance Warner making his MLW debut. I’m not familiar with the, “Southern Psycho,” but I can say for sure I’m not a fan of Ole Mancer’s catchphrase.


Lariats and light beers? Lariat is a cool wrestling word. Light beer is not. There is nothing wrong with light beer on its own, however, light beer is not something associated with toughness, let alone a psycho from the South. I’m not Southern, so maybe light beer is what all the baddest dudes drink when looking for trouble. I highly doubt it though. It sounds like something those fancy boy country singers would do. “Yeah, light beer! Let’s get rowdy!”

The news doesn’t stop there. MLW will be going live once again on February 2 for an hour of SuperFight on beIN SPORTS. The main event of that hour will be the tag team championship bout with the Lucha Bros against the Hart Foundation. That bout is definitely a grand way to get attention for the live show. It definitely has a strong chance of being the best fight from the entire event.

Speaking of MLW on TV, they also closed a deal for MLW Fusion with Ego TV in Israel. The press release states, “The first episode will air on Ego TV in Israel on Tuesday at 6:10 PM local Israeli time.”

Wale tease

Famed rapper Wale is back on the MLW radar.

Wale has a past relationship with MLW with WaleMania, but I have no idea if that tweet is Wale goofing around or has actual merit about a future arrangement. For now, let’s enjoy it for what it is worth.

MLW Wrestler of the Year

Teddy Hart and Tom Lawlor will be sharing the honors of MLW’s Wrestler of the Year.

Lawlor came out on top against high profile opponents, such as Jake Hager, Shane Strickland, Sami Callihan, and Simon Gotch. Lawlor also won the first-ever 40 man Battle Riot, which grants him a championship match. Lawlor will be cashing in at SuperFight against Low Ki.

Hart entered MLW by walking in, beating some dude up, then taking his spot in that match. His 2018 high points were forming the Hart Foundation with Davey Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. then going on to dominate the competition. Hart finished 2018 by winning the middleweight championship in a ladder match. I’d argue Hart’s best moment was showcasing his moonsaulting cat, Mr. Velvet.

Dr. Rex Bacchus passed away

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to report. Dr. Rex Bacchus (Chris Sims) lost his fight with cancer and passed away at the age of 35.

For me, Hurricane Helms said it best.

Ring the ten bell salute in honor of Dr. Rex Bacchus.


Condolences to his family and friends.

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