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MLW Roundup: Development in Kotto Brazil case, two Lucha Underground stars on board, Dreamer vs Pillman

Let’s catch up on the week’s major news in MLW.

The lead story this week is a surprising development in the Kotto Brazil eye incident. It had been reported that there was video footage of Ricky Martinez shoving a champagne glass into Brazil’s eye. Martinez’s future seemed destined to be behind bars. Not so fast, my friend.

News has broke that the hard drive containing the footage has been damaged.

Authorities have declined to make a statement, however, sources believe the evidence was intentionally damaged and subsequently “compromised”.

Doo doo doo. The plot thickens. I was wondering how MLW would get Martinez off the hook from a massive prison sentence. I’m no law scholar, but the absence of solid evidence seems like Martinez could be in the clear as Promociones Dorado can pay off witnesses as needed.

I guess there will be only one way to settle the dispute between Kotto Brazil and Ricky Martinez. In the ring, as it should be. MLW is a wrestling promotion after all. The big question is what type of stipulation should the match have.

Lucha Underground invades MLW

Okay, it is not really an invasion, but I’d like to pretend it could be. MLW signed two Lucha Underground stars for their next event, SuperFight, on February 2 in Philadelphia. The first luchador goes by the name of El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Rey Horus (aka El Dragon Azteca Jr.) heads to MLW for hot wrestling action. Apparently, this will be a return to the promotion for Horus. I haven’t caught up on the first thirty episodes yet, so that is news to me. The press release states:

The thrilling Tijuana luchador was last seen in MLW challenging the Lucha Bros. for the World Tag Team Titles in July in a bout many consider the best tag team match in league history. So much so fans threw money into the ring following the spectacular championship fight.

MLW didn’t waste any time announcing his opponent.

Boom! From the Cosmos, Aerostar! The press release provides quite the description:

One of the top high flyers in the sport, fans will be awestruck with Aerostar’s aerial feats in and out of the ring. Dawning an aviator themed mask, this airborne luchador has a reputation for his fearless G-force jumps off the top rope and even arena lighting trusses.

As far as I can tell, this could be the first televised singles bout between the two. That is pretty cool and adds another notch in MLW’s belt of providing unique and interesting matchups. SuperFight is shaping up to be one heck of an event with Low Ki vs Tom Lawlor and the Lucha Bros vs the Hart Foundation as championship headliners.

Maxwell J. Friedman still with MLW?

Speaking of signings, it was announced that MJF is a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster. I was going to question what that means for his MLW status, but then the following tweet went up.

MJF will be returning to MLW at SuperFight. I guess that answers that.

Most Influential Person

MLW is continuing with their 2018 awards. The winner for the most influential person is...

Salina de la Renta! The press release has an interesting summary of her year, but I’m more focused on two nuggets in particular.

First, Promociones Dorado is based out of Puerto Rico with offices in Mexico City, Bolivia, Chile, and San Diego, CA. I’m going to track down an address and visit the Mexico City location. They will probably throw me out, but it will have been worth it.

Second, Promociones Dorado has connections for TV and film. If you ask me, one thing 2019 needs is masked luchadores appearing on television and film projects. Whether it is bringing back Miami Vice with Crockett and Tubbs as masked men or something simple such as a luchador newscaster, the legacy of El Santo must live on.

MLW Fusion is coming through with a strong lineup for the next airing. Low Ki accepted Fred Yehi’s challenge for a match. Yehi will try to make Team Filthy proud as he attempts to pound Low Ki. Rich Swann lost to Rush at the live episode. He will seek retribution by squaring off against Rush’s brother, Dragon Lee. That’s not really the storyline, but it sounds better than a random match. I’m not sure how often Rush and Dragon Lee are recognized on-screen as brothers.

The main event has the strong possibility to be a doozy. Tommy Dreamer faces Brian Pillman Jr. in a Singapore cane match. Pillman is young in his career, so this bout will be an interesting observation on his progression and potential for the future.

Which match most catches your eye? What is the over/under on cane lashes for the evening?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05 pm ET.

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