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All Elite Wrestling promotion officially announced, along with ALL IN 2: Double or Nothing

Above is the latest episode of Being The Elite, which shows the timers finally reaching zero and the big announcement the crew has been waiting to drop: All Elite Wrestling is here, and they will indeed be doing an ALL IN 2, this one called “Double or Nothing.”

They did say later in a tweet that a special announcement will be made on both the event and promotion in Jacksonville on Jan. 8, 2019.

The video doesn’t go into any real details beyond that, instead simply showing logos for the promotion and the event. However, Dave Meltzer went deep into the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio with a lot of notes on what’s going on:

  • Cody Rhodes is signed, as are others. The deals are apparent multi-year contracts.
  • The Young Bucks, however, are not officially signed but expected to do so soon. Chris Jericho also isn’t signed but there may be something there.
  • There is no TV deal in place but there are offers out there.
  • It’s still up in the air whether or not AEW wrestlers can work in New Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • There will be a lot more news coming out within the next few days.

That’s the gist of it right now, though you should head over and listen to Meltzer to hear much more on the situation. Either way, the various rumors and reports have proven true, and a new wrestling promotion with serious backing has entered the marketplace.

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