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Joey Janela absolutely wrecked his knee

Word went around over the weekend that indie sensation Joey Janela was injured at a GCW show in New Jersey. Fans were hoping for the best for the Bad Boy, but he took to Twitter today to share his test results and... he messed up his knee real bad:

“Hey guys. Trying to be as enthusiastic as possible given the current situation in my life. But this past Saturday at Game Changer Wrestling in Asbury Park, New Jersey I was wrestling the Psisosis and it was going great until I hit a crossbody dive to the outside - a move I’ve hit over 100 times without issue. And this time was a little different. It’s not Nicho [Psicosis]’s fault, I just came down wrong, bad, on my left leg. Badly contorted my left knee. It bent into a position that a human’s leg should never bend in. But I got the MRI results back today and it’s - it’s something.

It’s a long list of things - I completely tore and destroyed my PCL. I completely tore and destroyed my MCL. There’s an impaction fracture in one of the bones in my knee that I don’t know how to pronounce. Hey, I don’t know how to pronounce a lot of this $#!+. I’m not a doctor, so don’t get on me for that. I have a mild bone contusion in another bone in my knee. A sprain of the fibular collatoral ligament - I think I got that right. A partial tear of another ligament, uh, patellofemoral ligament. I have an ACL sprain and a small knee infusion. It’s about eight things. I’m gonna need surgery it seems like. I talked to a few specialists and I’m gonna be out for a long while. I’m gonna disappear for a bit.

But this summer, the last two years have been great. Never thought I would make it this far in my wrestling career. And when I come back, in six, seven, eight, nine, ten months from now, I’m gonna be better than ever. Thank you.”

If there’s an upside, it’s that Janela is as much fun as a character and a promoter as he is a wrestler. So once he’s healthy enough to travel, we should be able to get our fix of Joey, even if he won’t be in the ring for a while.

Don’t cancel your 2019 Spring Break plans in NYC yet. And join us in sending Joey positive thoughts, healing vibes or whatever it is you believe will help.

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