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NWA 70 gets a very colorful color commentator

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Outside the main event, we still don’t know any of the matches for the NWA’s 70th Anniversary pay-per-view (PPV) in Nashville on Oct. 21.

But in addition to getting to hear Tony Schiavone call Nick Aldis vs. Worlds champion Cody Rhodes in the main event, we learned this weekend who else you’ll hear on the Fite.TV broadcast for your $24.99. And there might be a f-bomb or two...

Jim Cornette’s been a frequent sparring partner for Cody’s business partners The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, but the old school appeal of a match for the ten pounds of gold in the vicinity of the Smoky Mountains was too much for the legendary manager/booker to pass up:

Does the Schiavone/Cornette team (and Jim joining Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Joe Galli to call the rest of the TBA card) get you more invested in NWA 70?