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Cup of coffee in the big time: Living the dream of wrestling in Japan can be far from glamorous

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Most wrestlers have their version of “the checklist,” the listing of a series of things they’d like to accomplish in their career.

One of the staples on these lists is “wrestle in Japan.”

This rite of passage in almost ever wrestler of note’s career is, however, often far less glamorous than fans could ever imagine, as documented in a recent video posted by Colt Cabana.

From the too small bathroom set-up to the use of space heaters to provide any sort of livable temperature to the strange windows as doors connecting two different houses, it’s not anyone’s idea of a dream vacation.

Cabana filmed the “Cribs” episode while doing a tour with DDT Pro, and he wasn’t the one actually staying in the house at the time.

“What he’s showing you, that’s my computer, those are my clothes hanging up,” Ethan Page told me during this weeks edition of the Bitter Boys Club podcast. “He stayed in a hotel that trip and I’m the cameraman. He said, ‘Yo, do you mind if I come film how you’re living and do like a Cribs.’ He has stayed there before too — I’m not trying to say I’m the only one who struggled, not at all. He left his mattress there for me so I had something to sleep on other than essentially the floor.”

If you’re thinking, “Ok, so it’s dirty and small and strange, but at least it’s not dangerous,” don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

“When you watch the video, the heater when you go into the room, that heater caught my pillow on fire (while asleep),” Page said. “The place was so cold I had to use the heater so close it was almost touching me. It was so close my pillow went up in flames and I had to blow it out.”

Page is getting ready to return to Japan this weekend for another stint with DDT Pro, but there’s some hope the accommodations are a bit better.

“At this very moment, they purchased a new dojo,” Page said. “It’s not the same building with the condemned craziness where I stayed before. It could be better, could be worse.”

Living that wrestling dream.

Check out this week’s edition of Bitter Boys Club on iTunes and Stitcher, listen to it right here, or use whatever podcast app you prefer.

Happy Friday!

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