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Cody Rhodes vs. Nick Aldis II will headline NWA 70th Anniversary show

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The post-ALL IN plans for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and their new Worlds Champion are taking shape. A handful of announcments and developments over the weekend have set the stage for the next couple months.

Cody Rhodes revealed his first appearance as Champ would be at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s taping this Sunday (Sept. 16):

Dave Marquez’s promotion has once again been integral to the NWA’s storylines since Billy Corgan and Dave Lagana took over the brand. It’s a safe bet Cody will be doing more than just signing when he’s in Southern Cali, because with a win over Doug Williams at a Wrestling MediaCon in the United Kingdom on Sun., Sept. 9, the man Rhodes defeated in Chicago re-established himself as the #1 contender. Nick Aldis will get a rematch for the ten pounds of gold at the company’s 70th Anniversary event in Nashville on Oct. 21:

Rhodes vs. Aldis II will headline a show which will also reintroduce the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. The Oct. 21 event could also feature NWA Women’s Titleholder Jazz. Corgan has also said the brand’s vacant tag belts will be a focus again soon.

Tickets for the show at the Nashville Fairgrounds go on sale this upcoming Friday (Sept. 14). Local promotion is being handled by Jeff Jarrett under his Global Force Wrestling banner. The 70th Anniversary card will also be available on pay-per-view (PPV) via Ticket and streaming sales will be interesting, as the NWA takes their first big step toward being a standalone promotion after spending most of this year focusing on YouTube and working with other companies.

Is an Aldis vs. Cody rematch going to get you to check out the show, Cagesiders?

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