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Sam Adonis apologizes for ‘offensive comments’ at RevPro show

Independent wrestler Sam Adonis (real name Sam Polinsky) has issued a statement apologizing for his in-ring promo from Sun., Aug 5’s Live at The Cockpit 31 event in London for Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro).

After a run-in, Adonis engaged the fans during his speech, referring to them as a homophobic slur and other insults. Many in the crowd turned their back on him and chanted “Don’t Come Back”. RevPro promoter Andy Quildan apologized on behalf of the company amidst much criticism from those in attendance and online.

The wrestler initially defended his comments, but a short-time ago, tweeted this statement:

“I am truly sorry to anyone that I have upset with my in ring actions at Revolution Pro in London Yesterday. Sam Adonis is a Fictional Character that I portray in the realm of Pro Wrestling. My lack of judgement lead me to believe that offensive comments would be accepted as entertainment in the 18+ venue in which I was performing. These are not my personal beliefs and I am ashamed of letting the fans down.”

It’s not clear if this will replace the promised “official statement” from RevPro, but we’ll update with that when/if it’s released.

UPDATE: Here is RevPro’s full statement, an apology, but not a condemnation of Adonis, just his ‘misjudging the situation’:

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