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Cup of coffee in the big time: Wrestling needs to be better than what Sam Adonis did

Sam Adonis

It’s 2018, wrestling should be better than this.

During RevPro’s show this past weekend, Sam Adonis — real life younger brother of WWE’s Corey Graves — cut a promo that included calling audience members homophobic slurs.

Adonis is not new to controversy, using a Trump supporter gimmick in CMLL. That gimmick was good to land him in articles at Vice’s Fightland and other outlets of note. One can only assume that’s why he thought he needed to take it up a notch, making a terrible career decision by opening his mouth.

Andy Quildan put out a statement on Twitter, with the RevPro promoter apologizing for the situation taking place on his show.

Adonis, however, thinks fans should accept his pathetic attempt to “generate heat” and go along for the ride.

It’s disappointing anyone in wrestling thinks hate speech is still a viable option for getting heat. But it’s somehow worse the disconnect Adonis showed from the actual issue.

His “enjoy the ride” tweet was sent out five hours after a promoter had issued a public apology for Adonis’ actions — and even longer after the community let it be known they were not willing to accept “slurs as heat.”

His tweet doubled down on the fact he thinks what he did was fine and good, and that shows he just didn’t get it when the backlash hit. And worse, it blamed the fans for not just going with it.

EVOLVE wrestler Parrow, an openly gay man, later said he spoke to Adonis about the issue.

One would hope in 2018 it wouldn’t take a gay man telling you what you did was hurtful to have a bit of common sense. But here’s hoping Adonis learned something and is a better person going forward.

As for people “enjoying the ride” and “understanding the book,” I think that’s a big swing and a miss for ol’ Sam.

It’s 2018. Wrestling really should be better than this.

Another week starts now, but at least we’ve got wrestling.

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