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Matt Riddle says it’s time to make a decision on his future

Zeke Dane

Rumors and reports have been swirling that last 24 hours about the future of former MMA pro and indie pro wrestling standout Matt Riddle.

Good time for The King of Bros to sit down with Sean Waltman on X-Pac 12360 and address his future:

“I’m in a really good position right now. I work with Evolve on a regular basis and they have a great relationship with WWE, and they have relationships with other companies as well - Zack Sabre works with us from New Japan, all that - and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and wrestle guys from New Japan, Ring of Honor and especially with Progress and stuff wrestling WWE guys, you know? I’m in a really good spot, you know, the last couple years, you helped me out a lot, too, but you know I ran into some issues with my past and going further in this profession and I was kind of like stuck in a spot. From what I’ve gathered and what I’ve heard from everybody, everybody’s at the point where they all want me, they’re all willing to work with me, and I think they’re all big fans of Matt Riddle and I think it’s my time to make the right decision, do it and let’s see what happens”

Those past issues are likely the positive marijuana tests which led to his exit from UFC and which have been presented as a barrier to his joining New Japan or WWE. Whether he’s opted to stop using, found another method to use cannabis products or agreed with paying a bunch of fines in exchange for not being suspended, it sounds like Riddle’s worked those issues out with his next prospective employer.

Will that be in Full Sail, bro (or Brooklyn for the obligatory TakeOver crowd shot on Aug. 18)?

We shall see. Bro.

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