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The Young Bucks on CM Punk at All In: ‘I text message Punk weekly’


With less than five months until their Sept. 1 All In super-show, The Young Bucks are already wearing their promoter’s hat well. The pro wrestling world is abuzz about Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Cody Rhodes attempt at running a self financed show during Labor Day weekend in Chicago.

The first press conference for the event was announced for May 13, and until then The Young Bucks know how to drum up some interest for their card.

Anyone know of any famous, free agent pro wrestlers who reside in The Second City?

With his second UFC fight scheduled for June in Chicago, Matt Jackson is already leaning on CM Punk to get involved in All In in some capacity.

In a new interview with Sporting News, the Jackson brothers opened up about the possibility of CM Punk or even the recently medically cleared Daniel Bryan making an appearance at All In.

“I will say this: I text message Punk on a weekly basis. We’re good friends,” Matt Jackson said. “We talk wrestling. He still loves wrestling, of course he does. We’re pro wrestlers. That’s what we do. Even when you quit or retire or whatever, it’s still in your blood.”

In regard to Bryan and Punk, Nick Jackson said: “Hell yeah I would like those guys. Those names would be icing on the cake. … But I don’t think we need them to get to 10,000. With the card we have in mind, I think that should do it.”

The Bucks would also go on to promise a few more surprises for the show.

On weather their careers will eventually lead to a run under the watch of WWE creative, The Young Bucks were a little more reserved with their answer.

“Added Nick Jackson: “A lot of our friends [in WWE] say we might find it troubling that our creativity would be pretty much gone and we wouldn’t like it, but we’d like the money. Right now we have both of those, and that’s always nice because we’re our own boss.”

When Matt Jackson thought about it further, he said: “If we did go there, it would have to be creatively appealing for me, which would mean it would have to be an incredible angle. We say with The Elite that we changed wrestling, we changed the world. We want to make a difference.

”If we don’t ever go there I feel like we’re going to be remembered more than if we went there and became a midcard act. Our legacy is stronger now I think than it would be if we went there and had a couple runs as the tag champs.”

Check out the full Young Bucks story from Sporting News here

If you had to bet today, what is more likely to happen: CM Punk showing up at All In Chicago or The Young Bucks signing a deal with the WWE in the near future?

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