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Video: Local wrestler spits on a kid, gets punched out by adult fan

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This is not how you get heat. In pro wrestling there are fans and there are wrestlers, and during a show these two should never or rarely physically interact.

Asking for a high-five? Okay. Politely requesting a selfie? Okay. Have The New Day pour pancakes all over your face? Sure why not.

In general since pro wrestling’s existence, if a fan rushes the ring and tries to be a part of the show they are in the wrong 99.99% of the time.

This video may be the exception to the rule.

Check out the clip below, where a local pro wrestler (now being identified as Devin Danger) spits at a child fan during his entrance and then gets pummeled with punches by an adult fan.

That fan is shooting, 100%.

According to this YouTube upload of the incident it took place over the weekend at the Salinas Pal Armory Impact Wrestling tapings. The show set to air in May was a co-promoted card between Impact and local California indie Big Time Wrestling.

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