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Progress Chapter 63 recap & review: WALTER destroys Dunkzilla’s chest, Webster is caught in a moral dilemma, and Travis Banks might have friends again

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Progress Chapter 63: Take Me Underground went up on Demand Progress during the week so let’s get right to it, shall we?

Drew Parker vs. Spike Trivet (Natural Progression Series V First Round Match)

Trivet spits in Parker’s face and we’ve got a brawl out the gates! Drew takes him down for a beating but on a second try Spike’s able to pull guard and get out of it into a front chancery that Parker reverses to a suplex. Trivet takes a breather, ducks the dive and clobbers him with a running forearm! Back inside, continuing to brutalize him, nearfall off a gourdbuster, hard whip, lariat and a leg drop and another nearfall.

Keeping the pressure up, slam into a reverse chinlock, Drew out of it, off the ropes, caught by a back elbow and the rally isn’t to be. Tree of Woe, outside, a sip of his champagne but not a swallow as he spits it into Parker’s face! Drew evades and gets a pop-up stomp, Spike to the floor, Parker flies... TOPE CON GIRO! Back in, Detonation Kick gets two!

Trivet returns a kick the knee, knee strike, DDT, again only two as disbelief fills his face. Sling Blade, fireman’s carry into a Michinoku Driver... NOPE! Underhooks, Drew slips out, suplex clutch, denied, big elbow to the side of the head, Spike calls for it but Parker’s able to reverse...

Drew Parker wins by pinfall with the Back Seat Driver.

Really fun sprinty opener. Hot start got me right into it and they kept things rolling steadily and ended really well with that series of reversals. And then the post-match, which you’ll read about in just a moment, good stuff all around and, I think, a sign that these two are not likely done with each other, tournament or no.

After the match, Trivet smashes his champagne bottle on the back of Parker’s head! Drew is able to walk out mostly under his own power, however, with just a bit of help from referee Joel Allen.

Charlie Morgan & Toni Storm vs. House of Couture (Chakara & Nina Samuels)

A two on two brawl erupts as soon as the champion makes her entrance! The bell rings, Storm continues taking it to Samuels, tag to Morgan and a diving crossbody wipes her out! Nina’s able to turn it around reversing a whip into a big boot, grabbing a handful of hair and scraping Charlie’s face across the turnbuckles before tagging Chakara in.

Morgan is able to keep it from becoming a rout and tags Toni in, but her hot tag sequence is interrupted by Jinny yanking her leg from ringside and allowing Chakara to knock her to the floor with a forearm to the back of the head! Off-hand slap from Jinny, back inside and Chakara presses the attack, fishhooks, tag to Samuels. She gets her licks in but Storm is far from down and out and gets a shot or two in edgewise before Nina puts her into the buckles and follows it with double knees to the back.

Headed up top, a bit slow, Toni’s able to recover and meet her but Samuels ends the sequence with a facewash and the advantage. Chakara tags in, gourdbuster into a Goldust fakeout into a backfist and punishment in the corner. Quick tags continue, they’ve got the champion off balance but they can’t actually keep her down for three at this point.

Storm gets a German suplex off, running hip attack, tag made! Morgan in, facewash, Codebreaker into a German from Toni but Chakara’s able to plant Charlie with an exploder suplex for a nearfall. Morgan gets a superkick, tag back to Storm, Strong Zero denied, Chakara looking for a flip piledriver but Toni reverses to a Reverse Neckbreaker! Samuels in to break it up, Go 2 Sleep for Morgan, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for Storm, but she ends up on the apron where Toni Mafia kicks her to the floor!

Back over to Chakara, she hooks her up...

Charlie Morgan & Toni Storm win by pinfall with Strong Zero from Storm on Chakara.

Good solid tag team match, nothing too special but it does a good job of establishing the House of Couture as a unit and furthering Toni’s arc as the fighting champ who nonetheless is finding herself facing increasingly tougher odds show after show. And again, in the context of the post-match angle (boy my format is a pain for this kinda thing but I’m not changing it now), the structure here really drives Toni’s isolation home.

Toni gets on the mic after and says it’s nice to see Jinny has a couple friends, it’s about time. You want to talk about hard work, Storm was wrestling at thirteen for hot dogs while Jinny was a stuck up pirate-- er, “private school bitch”. She tells Jinny she’s screwed now that she has someone to watch her back, turns around... AND MORGAN SUPERKICKS HER!

Charlie leaves with the House of Couture but Storm is able to collect herself and leave shortly after.

Mark Andrews vs. “Flash” Morgan Webster

Bit of mat grappling early, Flash at one point getting a nice extended wristlock sequence, trading snapmares we transition to a bit of light lucha. Andrews on the floor after an arm drag, back in, double dropkick stalemate! Mark on the offensive, victory roll through into a double stomp, corkscrew standing moonsault, only good for two! Webster blocks a whip, they trade forearms to the neck, Rude Boy wipes Andrews out!

Headscissors puts White Lightning into the turnbuckles, pop-up stomp, somersault senton, Morgan is heating up but can’t put Andrews away yet. Jockeying for position, Mark Andrews does a damn backflip into a tornado DDT! Double boots out of the corner, nobody home on the 450 and Flash is able to chain a uranage facebuster into an Angel’s Wings... NOPE!

Webster looking for a fireman’s carry, Mark breaks and Flash throws a wicked headbutt at him! Trading kicks in the corner, Morgan up top... AVALANCHE POISON FRANKENSTEINER! NOT ENOUGH TO PUT ANDREWS AWAY! Shadows Over Malice... knees up! Mark heads up top as boos rain out and Vicky Haskins makes her way to ringside with the barbed wire bat in hand and Flash is able to cut Andrews off.

Morgan asks her to leave and she does, taking his helmet with her. Andrews over, tornado DDT reversed and reversed again-- STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! White Lightning up top...

Mark Andrews wins by pinfall with a shooting star press.

So man, this was awesome. The steady build early from the grappling through to the lucha into trading sequences, and oh man, the sequences! The uranage facebuster into the Angel’s Wings, the avalanche Poison Frankensteiner into Shadows Over Malice with the knees up, the tornado DDT reversals into Stundog Millionaire, just a boatload of cool stuff here. But perhaps nothing cooler than the moonsault tornado DDT-- I can’t get over it, folks.

Mark Andrews, from a standing position, backflipped a man’s entire height and grabbed his head with enough clearance to swing him around into the tornado DDT. It’s not a new spot, he’s done it before, but holy crap it has never looked so clean nor quite so physics-defying as it looked here. Beautiful.

Post match, Webster and Andrews have it out but Flash gives Mark a hug and he departs on good terms... but Eddie Dennis arrives on bad ones.

Dennis cuts a promo about Andrews being a snake in the grass, taking a moment’s distraction to pounce and steal a victory on Webster just now. All week everyone asked him if he was going to be on 205 Live following after Mark, but he points out he’s not paid by WWE nor does he want to get arrested for jumping the guardrail, so of course he’s not going to be in Bakersfield, morons.

He continues before cutting himself off and laying Mark out with a forearm! He heads out and grabs a pair of chairs, wrapping one over Andrews’ ankle but before he can Pillmanize him the ring crew make the save! Eddie storms outside, knocks a member of the crew down with a forearm and heads to the back looking for Andrews!

Tyler Bate vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.

Grappling in the feeling out, test of strength sequence gives way to Sabre levering Bate’s arms in a standing surfboard. Reversed, Sabre breaks with an upkick, stalemate achieved. Full nelsons exchanced with World of Sport style escapes, Tyler picks the leg and Zack escapes an ankle lock as well. Wristlocks, stalemate, but no escalation just yet as ZSJ chooses a side headlock to try and grind the young man down.

Staying on him, guillotine choke into the corner and the break is forced. Sabre turns up the heat, Jim Breaks Special with hand manipulation and Bate kicks him in the face to fight him off! Back at it, going strike for strike even as Tyler grabs a slide headlock but Sabre reverses to a headscissors double wristlock and pries the arm off into an armbar as referee Chris Roberts forces the break!

ZSJ rolling, standing headscissors twist into a modified grounded abdominal stretch, Bate is able to stand up but Zack maintains positioning and improvises until they fall into the ropes and again the break is forced. Tyler using his educated knees, looking for arm leverage of his own but Sabre is able to maneuver around and go back to striking.

Bate hits an exploder, running shooting star press, only good for two! Looking to follow up, Sabre hits the Pele kick to the arm, jockeying for position, off the ropes, STF, transitioning to a stepover toehold cravate, Tyler gets the ropes but Sabre’s able to hook the arm and keep him trapped... BATE GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Boots to the shoulder and face, ZSJ trying to provoke the younger man into making a mistake but he just gets a boot in the fact!

Trading, Sabre catches one, eats a slap but is able to get the dragon screw, follow it with a penalty kick, bridging half nelson suplex, no dice! More shoulder kicks follow but Tyler’s visage fills with resolve, he shrugs off some slaps, Bop and Bang, looking for the rebound lariat, Sabre catches the triangle choke, reversed into a powerbomb! Slam reversed to the European Clutch... NOT HAPPENING!

Uppercut, springboard, Tyler catches him, Zack reverses, bodyscissors crossface, double wristlock denied and Bate dumps him with a Tombstone... NOT ENOUGH! Bate rises to his feet, looking for the Tyler Driver but ZSJ is able to block and hit a Penalty Kick. Uppercut on the charge but he gets caught by the rolling Koppo kick, up for the Tyler Driver-- SABRE COUNTERS INTO A TRIANGLE CHOKE!

Bridging back to deny the lift, he slips out, octopus hold applied, sunset flip, reversed, Zack sits down and clasps his hands...

Zack Sabre, Jr. wins by submission with Young Boy Killer.

I admit I struggled a bit for review content here for some reason, had a hard time trying to pick some kind of handle to grab hold of. I suppose it’s a bit standard for Zack Sabre, Jr. but when you’re (for my tastes) the best in the world and “a bit standard” is a match like this, that’s no problem. And, in that standard fashion, grappling escalating into striking as the Technical Wizard gets mad, all while looking to dissect whatever body part volunteers itself leads to a really good match.

Jack Sexsmith comes out to cut a promo, introducing himself and mentioning that he’s going to New Orleans for WrestleMania weekend. He then reminds us that he earned a title shot in the scramble at Sheffield, and seeing as he can’t get a hair above 204, that leaves him the tag belts and the world title to pick from. He thanks everybody for supporting him and talks about being a proper representative for the community now, no gimps, no shenanigans, no Mr. Cocko.

Owing to the season and all, he points at the video screen and a graphic for Chapter 69: Be Here Now pops up, and he announces that he’ll be challenging for the Progress World Championship! (Nice.)

British Strong Style (Pete Dunne & Trent Seven) vs. the BroDuct (David Starr & Matt Riddle)

First-off, these intros, my god. I tend to end up shortchanging anything that isn’t “actual” wrestling content in these Progress recaps, but I am dying laughing over here.

Anyway, Riddle and Seven to start, except Trent’s not super interested in starting and rolls outside to stall. Tag made, Dunne squares off against our Bro and Matt takes the charge, waistlock takedown into a sleeper and Pete gets the ropes and comes right back with a leg pick and some intense exchanges around that follow. Jockeying for position, hold for hold, Riddle gets a cutthroat choke on but Dunne goes after his exposed toes to force the break!

Regal Stretch, Matt stands up in it and tosses Pete off his back and tags Starr in. Dunne circles a moment but decides he’d rather tag Trent in. David in charge to begin, grabbing a hammerlock, Seven reverses, off the ropes and holy hell a drop down worked! Not only did it work, but Trent comes up with a nosebleed! He takes a moment to stop the bleeding but turns around to get chopped down like lumber by a freshly tagged Riddle!

BroDuct with the stereo Look At It, Dunne tries to clear house but Riddle takes him out with the senton! They work Seven over, Starr having a wicked exchange with him, blocking Seven Stars with a headbutt, blocking a backfist with a headbutt, and then connecting with a third headbutt to the dome! Tags made, Dunne and Riddle trade hard strikes and then suplexes, Bro getting the better of it.

Enzuigiri gives way to Bro 2 Sleep gives way to a roundhouse kick and both men are down and out. Starr and Seven in, the Jewish Cannon with chops and forearms at rapid speed in the corner but Trent is able to go right back at him with chops, escalating to machine gun frequency in the corner! To the apron, Product Recall, off the ropes... LOOK AT IT! NOPE!

Blackheart Buster denied, Dragon suplex connects, swinging slam, off the ropes and he turns Starr inside out with a lariat! Blackheart Buster lands true on the second try! Dunne and Riddle in, not legal but looking to destroy each other, first with chops and then punches, neither gaining and advantage and both collapsing! All four men, on their knees, trading strikes, rising to their feet, Riddle catches a backfist and puts it into Dunne!

But Pete is able to catch a boot and bite the toes until David clocks him! Isolated, British Strong Style pick him off, Penalty Kick-assisted piledriver... RIDDLE BREAKS IT UP WITH AN ELBOW DROP! Matt and Peter tag in legal now but Dunne is able to use the referee to his advantage to clock him with a forearm! Deep Waters forced to fight them off two for one and he does it!

Double knees set up a double Cherry Mint DDT sets up a double German suplex! Starr gets Dunne in the electric chair, Doomsday Device with a flying knee... NOT ENOUGH! Product Placement set up on Dunne, Davey breaks, forearm to the back of the head, Pete slips out, kick to the back of the head, X Plex into a folding press... NO GOOD! Bitter End countered into a DDT!

Bro kicks the ringpost on the floor, Starr hits a plancha but Seven gets out of Dodge and he only hits Riddle! Dunne with the moonsault to the floor! Back in the ring, Bitter End countered again, into a small package, the Jewish Cannon throws elbows, Product Placement... SEVEN BACKFISTS HIM FROM BEHIND! BURNING HAMMER! Pumphandle applied...

British Strong Style win by pinfall with Bitter End from Pete Dunne on David Starr.

Great match, and with shockingly little comedy in it for how uproariously funny the intros were. Almost start to finish just pure, high octane, cut ‘em off and leave ‘em try tag team action into a thirlling crescendo at the end. I did think it got a little too cute in spots (Riddle suplexing both members of British Strong Style, for one), but that stuff is pretty minor, and the finishing sequence especially was some classic stuff. All the Bitter End counters in the world don’t mean one whit after Starr accidentally took Riddle out and got caught with a backfist to the back of the dome and a Burning Hammer.

Mark Davis vs. WALTER

Testing their strength against each other in the feeling out, Davis unafraid to stand right up to WALTER. He hits a big leg lariat that takes the Ring General into the corner, sliding forearm, a surprisingly deep cover this early against WALTER but not enough! Alpamare Waterslide denied and WALTER hits a German suplex! And now the chops begin.

Mark is game to go chop for chop but the Austrian’s hands are just too heavy and send him into the corner. A particularly nasty one rings out across the arena and Davis crumples in a heap. When he comes back to standing blood is streaming down his chest! Crossbody strikes rain down on the ground meat that was once Mark Davis’ chest! Back to trading chops, no fear in Dunkzilla’s eyes!

Corner lariat, underhooks denied, boot up, Davis throws a weak lariat but he’s still fighting! Another one, off the ropes and WALTER kicks his arm away to block! Butterfly suplex, only two and the Ring General returns to the crossbody blow momentary before settling on shoving Davis. Mark rises to the challenge but another chop fells him and WALTER goes after the powerbomb.

Denied, Davis tries to fight back into it but WALTER suffocates him with the Gojira clutch! Ringkampf rope break but Mark lands on his feet on the German suplex! Mafia kick, another wicked cinder block chop from the Austrian but Davis grits his teeth and carries on, forearms earn him another hellacious chop! A straight right, a lariat, WALTER is staggered in the ropes and a lariat sends him to the floor!

Dunkzilla runs the ropes, big man suicide dive! Back in, a pump kick cuts him off but Mark hits a lariat when WALTER runs the ropes! Slow to rise, WALTER jaws at him and throws a few probing kicks before Dunkzilla wakes up and they have a slap exchange. Straight right, chops and lariats in the corner, he’s got the champ on the ropes but takes the time to play to the crowd and WALTER hits a shotgun dropkick!

Tenryu powerbomb... MARK DAVIS WILL NOT STAY DOWN! He catches a lariat, gets WALTER up for the Alpamare Waterslide, has to adjust... DEATH VALLEY DRIVER CAN’T PUT WALTER AWAY! Back to chops, WALTER pastes him in the jaw, Gojira Clutch, clubbing Mark’s hand off the ropes, crossbody strikes on the mat, he falls back...

WALTER wins by submission with the Gojira Clutch.

WALTER, folks! Progress made no attempt to keep the hellscape Davis’ chest was turned into here a secret on social media, but even so, when that chop hit, Dunkzilla crumple and covered up and came up moments later, blood flowing, that hits you like a ton of bricks. An awesome, brutal, physical match.

Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) (c) vs. Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins (Progress Tag Team Championship)

Zack Gibson does his usual intro about being number one and adds in their intent to take the titles to defend them in both China and New Orleans.

Chaos at the bell, Haskins and Havoc isolate Drake and work him over but it doesn’t last overlong as a missed kick leads to Gibson getting a blind tag. Dropkick combos clear the ring, malfunction at the junction on a double team, Mark hits a roundhouse kick and takes it to Gibson now. Tag to Havoc, dropkick combos from the challengers into a facewash and a catapult Death Valley Driver!

Acid Rainmaker denied, jockeying for position, gouging at each other’s eyes! Haskins and Drake go to yank their opposing numbers off the apron but seeing as both men are doing it at the same time they end up hustling back and making tags. Slugging it out, Mark pulls ahead and works James over but a DDT is denied and Gibson tags in. Short-arm lariat, a forearm knocks Jimmy off the apron and the tag champions go to work.

Electric chair, Haskins throws punches and ends up clutching Drake for a superplex but Mr. Mayhem fights him off. Mark shoves Zack aside, and Drake dives right into a dropkick! Tag to Jimmy, in with eyepokes and shin kicks, to the second... DIVING EYEPOKES! Wristlocks on both men but they duck the lariats and connect with Deftones! Duck the lariat, Haskins shoves Gibson into Drake!

Looking to suplex Mark in but he shifts his momentum and turns it into a crossbody! Tag title in hand as Vicky Haskins runs the distraction, Zack ducks the shot, goes for Helter Skelter, double pin! The match breaks down, Drake gets the better of Havoc and rolls Gibson over, gets referee Joel Allen’s attention... NOPE! Haskins ducks a forearm and Gibson takes it, off the ropes, waistlock, duck the forearm and Gibson pastes Drake!

Stereo kicks, Zack has enough life left him into hit a pair of lariats on the way down and all four men are down and out! Busy with Vicky again, Grizzled Young Vets hit the low blows but can’t finish it, and when he goes to complain Havoc and Haskins return the ballshots! All four guys clutching their groins in pain as Joel tries to sort it out and they get back at it with forearms.

Ticket to Ride out of the corner, the champs rolling but Havoc hits a double Pele kick. Gibson with a throat thrust, tag to Drake, Ticket to Ride into Organ Crusher but Havoc heads outside! Allen checking on him, Haskins has “Flash” Morgan Webster’s helmet, he and Drake struggle over it and Flash comes down to reclaim it, opening an opportunity...

Jimmy Havoc & Mark Haskins win by pinfall with Kiss of Death, winning the Progress Tag Team Championship.

Going into this I was a little worried about how reactions would play out with two of the most hated men in Progress defending against two guys who, by their actions, should be among the most hated, but who have been beloved fairly recently. Well, I shouldn’t have been worried, the Progress faithful did great, as it turns out.

The match itself was really good, and smartly laid out with both teams going for their full range of cheap shots and underhanded tactics, and the beat with Webster at the end comes off even better seeing it than it did in outline. A welcome development and one I look forward to see play out the rest of the way.

Webster looks on in shock at what he, or perhaps his helmet, has done.

Chris Brookes vs. TK Cooper vs. Travis Banks (c) (Progress World Championship)

Cooper with a right hand for Brookes and we’re off! Trading strikes, stereo superkicks on TK but he shrugs it off and points out that he’s Samoan and drops them both with a single headbutt! Headed up top but he thinks better of it,tries to powerbomb Chris but he hangs him up in ring skirt and double stomps him! Banks with a Penalty Kick for Brookes and then suicide dives for both of ‘em!

Brookes throws a dive, TK heads back in but comes and throws a chair to wipe him out! Throwing chairs at the Kiwi Buzzsaw but Travis swats the first two aside and throws the third back and hits ring crew! Another one hits the ring crew, the third is intercepted by Brookes, who swats Cooper with it! Banks superkicks Chris through it but it leaves him open for another throw from Cooper and Kid Lykos peeks his head around the post at the carnage!

Continuing to throw chairs at each other, Travis mixes it up by just waffling Cooper with on but the chair violence continues. Three-way chair duel now, Brookes and TK trade unfortunate shots to the head and drop the champion on their way down to boot. Travis and Chris at it in the ring, Banks gets a nearfall, goes for the Kiwi Krusher but it’s reversed into a dragon screw neck whip and Cooper comes in to play the circle game.

Chopping each other with a vengeance, Travis comes in and breaks it up with chest kicks for both guys and a German suplex for TK! Uppercuts corner to corner, Cooper tries to change the momentum but the Kiwi Buzzsaw stays with him, dropkicks him into Brookes and sets up the cannonball! TK back in with a kick, he heads up top but has a moment’s hesitation and Chris is able to cut him off from behind.

Spider German suplex from Brookes... AIR NEW ZEALAND FROM BANKS! STANDING SPANISH FLY FROM COOPER! NONE OF IT ENOUGH! All three running low, a slugfest breaks out, chop for forearm for uppercut for punch and TK fires up only to get hit with stereo superkicks again! He again reminds them he’s Samoan, so they stereo superkick his knees out from under him, tandem knee strikes, and then they wipe each other out with kicks!

Slice of Heaven ducked, Cooper grabs the octopus hold and Brookes comes in and doubles it up! The hold is too unwieldy to last and Chris chops away at TK. Suplex denied, whip reversed, up and over, Banks with the shotgun dropkick into the springboard double stomp on both guys! Brookes has Travis set up in the corner, jockeying for position, Cooper comes over... DOUBLE SPANISH FLY AND HE LANDS ON HIS HEAD IN THE PROCESS! KIWI KRUSHER ON BANKS INTO THE COVER... NOT ENOUGH!

TK heads out and gets the title belt but has second thoughts. He plows ahead with it anyway and heads into the ring, and Banks is kneeling, asking for it. Cooper goes to hit him, Brookes comes from behind and takes the title and accidentally clobbers Travis with it! Schoolboy from TK comes up empty and Chris grabs an ankle lock on the bum ankle! Double stomp breaks it up!

Kiwi Krusher denied, looking for a followup and Brookes cuts him off with the springboard Ace Crusher! Travis with a lariat, #CCK united for one pure moment of sick tag moves, Brookes turns on Banks, double underhook piledriver... TK COOPER FINDS A WAY TO SURVIVE! Octopus hold applied but he can’t get his leg over the head and Banks hits Slice of Heaven... only a nearfall but the Lion’s Clutch is on right at the kickout! IT’S OVER!

Travis Banks wins by submission with the Lion’s Clutch on Chris Brookes, retaining the Progress World Championship.

Great match. A little excessive at points, but a) it’s a Progress main event, and I say this lovingly, but if they weren’t called Progress, they’d be called Excess; and b) it was really cleverly structured, starting off almost immediately with the chair throwing violence and proceeding into insanity from there. Of particular merit is the spot late where Brookes and Banks team up for one moment of pure instinct before Chris does the only thing you can do in a match like this and makes Travis regret it immediately. Good stuff.

Travis Banks helps both of his opponents and tag partners up and offers handshakes before leaving. But when he does, and Brookes extends a hand to Cooper, TK hesitates before slugging him in the face!


A very strong show from Progress. The absolute highlights for me are the brutality of WALTER/Davis and the high flying of Andrews/Webster, but also both men’s tag matches and the main event are well worth shouting out, and it’s hardly as if there’s anything bad on the show.

Storyline-wise, I’m loving how Flash’s story is playing out vis-a-vis Havoc and Haskins. While I still might wish we had a bit more explicit motivation for the three Hs, Webster’s part is very clearly defined and makes for some compelling stuff now that they have tag team gold. Does he sell his soul and join up to finally divest himself of his failing reputation, or will he stick to his guns? Good stuff.

Plus the House of Couture expanding, Eddie Dennis continuing to stalk Mark Andrews (which is paying off this weekend at Chapter 64 as he has, despite his torn pectoral muscle, been added to the Thunderbastard match), and the main event development where although Banks is cool with both of his friends and partners again after fighting it out, and Brookes is willing to extend the olive branch, Cooper still has an issue with him, it feels like things are heating up again.

Check it out on Demand Progress, folks.

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