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James Storm to challenge for the Worlds title at first NWA Pop-Up Event

Some of the buzz around the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) died down when Cody Rhodes dropped the brand’s top title back to Nick Aldis at their first ever pay-per-view (PPV), Oct. 21’s 70th Anniversary show. But Billy Corgan & Dave Lagana are still pushing the promotion forward, and doing good work with their video series, like the weekly Ten Pounds of Gold.

It was on that show last week (the Dec. 4 premiering episode 43) that Corgan announced a new concept NWA is rolling out for 2019. Taking a page from the worlds of dining & live music, the Alliance will hold “pop-up events” at other indie shows. Traditionally, pop-ups are unannounced, but that wouldn’t really make sense for wrestling, where part of the goal is to help partner promotions sell tickets.

So really, it’s just a name to attach to what the NWA’s been doing for a while now - having their championship(s) featured on other companies’ cards. Still, branding is important. And as they build the reputation of their secondary titles - the National & Women’s, and the return of the Crockett Cup for tag teams - the NWA Pop-Up Event name will give fans something to call these shows.

The first one will occur at Tried -N- True Pro Wrestling’s New Years Clash show on Jan. 5 in Clarksville, Tennessee. All three belts are set to be defended, and there will be a Crockett Cup qualifying match, too. Only one challenger’s been named so far, but it’s a pretty good one, and fitting for both the locale & current Worlds champ Nick “Magnus” Aldis... former Impact star James Storm:

Aldis needs to get through a few challenges - including a big one tonight (Dec. 8) when he faces current Impact star Brian Cage at House of Hardcore 52 at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

Provided Aldis survives that and leaves Philly with the ten pounds of gold, is a match between he and the Cowboy enough to keep or rekindle your interest in NWA?

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