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MLW Christmas special: USA vs Mexico flag match

MLW presented a bonus episode of MLW Fusion on Christmas day as a gift to the fans. Yeah, free wrestling! It featured a war of monsters, a cool flippy fight, and a flag match between Maxwell J. Friedman and Puma King.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Brody King vs PCO

PCO had a pre-taped promo in front of a high voltage sign prior to the match. “Tonight, Brody King, you’re facing PCO and PCO’s not human. You’re going to feel the electricity. You’re going to suffer. PCO’s going to make your life a hell. You’re going to feel the electricity my way or the highway.”

This bout was heavy hitting. It involved the use of chairs, a table, and guardrails. Highlights include a suicide dive by PCO, Brody King with a running cannonball to PCO sitting in a chair, a DDT on the floor by PCO, a catapult under the guardrail by PCO, and PCO leaping off the upper level onto an empty table as King escaped in the nick of time.

MLW Fusion

Back in the ring, King executed a back body drop to PCO onto a guardrail. They battled up the corner, and PCO knocked King down to the mat. King dragged to referee down with him. PCO unwittingly moonsaulted onto the ref and even tried to cover him for a three count. King hit a piledriver on PCO, but nobody was there to count. PCO kicked out at two from the backup ref.

For the finish, King set up four chairs, but PCO ended up using them as he chokeslammed King onto the open chairs. Pin and win for the French Canadian Frankenstein.

Maxwell J. Friedman promo

Kaci Lennox asked questions to MJF about challenging Puma King to a flag match. MJF responded, “Are you not aware what’s going on in this league? I mean left and right hardworking Americans’ jobs are being stolen away by these luchadores. Well, guess what Puma King. I’m sick of it. It’s not going to happen anymore in Major League Wrestling. Because once I’m done with you, the phrase ‘skinning the cat’ in professional wrestling is going to become quite literal. I’m going to grab that flag and I’m going to wave it PROUDLY because I’m better than you. And you know it.”

Ace Austin vs Myron Reed

Ace Austin looked to be inspired by Gambit from the X-Men. He wore a purple coat, used cards and a magic staff, and even had a similar haircut. Or maybe Austin is just a lounge magician when not wrestling.

This match was quick back and forth action. Highlights include a backflip over the ropes to the outside by Austin, a leap over the ring post to the outside to Myron Reed, a twisting flying leg drop by Austin, and Reed flipping out of a suplex to execute a cutter.

For the finish, Austin attempted a rolling maneuver, however, Reed caught Austin and folded him up for the winning pin.

Flag Match: MJF vs Puma King

Puma King was flanked by Konnan, while MJF had Aria Blake by his side. MJF cut a promo in the ring before the bout. “I know you guys aren’t all that bright, but the mic is in my hands, so maybe shut up? (Booooo.) Oh, do you guys not speak ingles? Oh, real shocker. Tonight, it’s about America, the greatest country in the world, versus Mexico.” MJF lowered his hand to signify low status.

This contest was a little on the silly side, as flag matches tend to be. Highlights include a Fosbury Flop by MJF, a flying crossbody to the outside by Puma King, a senton off the guardrail by Puma King, and a super powerbomb by Puma King.

For the finish after the super powerbomb, Puma King climbed his corner to retrieve the Mexican flag. Aria Blake tried getting in the way, so Puma King cat-kissed her then grabbed his flag. Later, Puma King put his foot on MJF’s chest as he waved the green, white, and red flag.

MLW Fusion

The special Christmas offering of MLW Fusion was good fun. All three matches can be watched without knowledge of MLW storylines. PCO’s promo set the mood for a bruising battle, and MJF’s promos had classic heel qualities to rile up the Latino-heavy crowd. This was my first time seeing five of the six wrestlers in the ring, except Puma King, and I left impressed enough by all to watch another bout in their careers.

The ‘war of monsters’ between PCO and Brody King lived up to expectations. It was two beefy dudes getting busy. Tony Schiavone almost lost his mind with excitement when he said, “Slapping the leather, man,” during an exchange of chops.

Ace Austin took pride in his match against Myron Reed.

Austin’s future looks bright based on that fight.

The flag match was typical in the sense that fans could easily ask, “Why doesn’t he go grab the flag right now?” But, that is professional wrestling for you. It had some nifty moves and MJF got his comeuppance for being a blowhard. Even if one was rooting for America, it would be easy to still root against MJF.

Was this special episode of MLW Fusion a worthwhile Christmas gift? Which of the wrestlers stood out most to you? Should Tony Schiavone have belted out some ho-ho-hoing laughter?

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