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PAC vs. Ospreay is happening in New Japan/ROH partner RevPro

Not sure if this is a feature or a bug of pro wrestling in 2018/2019, but it’s gotten to where I can’t even just be excited about a dream match announcement without thinking about what it says about the bigger picture interworkings of the business.

Before we get to that, however, make no mistake. Will Ospreay vs. PAC (fka Neville in WWE), scheduled for RevPro’s Feb. 15 High Stakes show is a dream match...

Ospreay’s been openly campaigning for a showdown with his fellow British aerialist since word came down that PAC was no longer under contract to WWE. He’s slowed down recently to allow himself to heal up, which hopefully means he’ll be healthy, rested and ready when RevPro hits London’s York Hall next February.

It’s the latest booking for the former WWE NXT and Cruiserweight champion as he slowly expands out from his home promotion in Japan, Dragon Gate. It’ll be PAC’s third date with Rev Pro after a facing Speedball Mike Bailey in November and another dream match with Zack Sabre, Jr. next month.

This also pits PAC against another of New Japan’s big gaijin names in a promotion that’s partnered up with NJPW and Ring of Honor (ROH). It’s starting to feel like just a matter of time before he’s announced for those fed’s Madison Square Garden show on WrestleMania weekend, giving that event a big name they may need if The Elite crew are off doing their own thing.

That’s just speculation/wishful thinking, but it would make a lot of sense. RevPro is certainly happy to use PAC for shows which now can’t feature NXT UK talent.

No matter - PAC vs. Ospreay should kick all kinds of ass.


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