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Cat lovers, gather round as Teddy Hart’s feline moonsaults in the latest edition of H2tv

Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. returned for the second episode of H2tv with more insults toward Tommy Dreamer and Barrington Hughes, alpha male talk, and a cat doing a moonsault.

For those that can’t pause life right this second to watch the magnificent feat of a cat moonsaulting, here is a picture arc of the flip.

Awaiting launch.




Stick the landing.


Best of all, Mr. Velvet was handsomely compensated for his time.

The Hart family and associates seem to be very cat oriented, but that doesn’t stop dogs from enjoying their work. Salina de la Renta’s pooch requested a Pillman haircut at the groomer.

What are your impressions of the second H2tv episode? How do you rate Mr. Velvet’s moonsault ability? Who is your favorite pet of a wrestler?

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