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MLW Roundup: Kotto Brazil could lose his eye, Teddy Hart contract, Konnan vs Low Ki tonight

Let’s catch up on the week’s major news in MLW.

The lead story this week is wild. Buckle in, because it is about to be a bumpy ride trying to figure out what exactly happened with Kotto Brazil.

Apparently, Kotto Brazil was attacked in a nightclub after one of MLW’s shows in Miami. The press release states:

Onlookers at the club describe a scene where a man confronted Brazil with heated words exchanged between the two. Moments later, eyewitnesses claim the assailant used a champagne glass as an improvised weapon, smashing the flute into the face of Brazil. The unknown assailant fled the scene before the police arrived. ... The belief is that the glassware exploded upon impact creating debris that got impacted in and around the eye.

MLW’s medical team is in contact with Brazil’s doctors. It is unclear if Brazil will need to have enucleation (a procedure where the eye is removed).

Say what? Kotto Brazil could lose his eye after a champagne glass attack? Damn! This reminds me of NBA player Tony Parker’s eye injury in a nightclub beef between Drake and Chris Brown.

The story took an interesting turn yesterday. Ricky Martinez is being rumored to be the attacker.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a lone man assaulted Kotto Brazil at a Miami Nightclub. A source claims footage that has yet to be legally cleared to air shows Ricky Martinez in a nightclub brawl where Martinez bumped into Brazil and then exchanged words before smashing a champagne flute glass in the orbital area of Kotto Brazil. ...

As Martinez attempted to leave the nightclub, security tried to detain Martinez until authorities arrived. Unfortunately once again turned violent with Martinez injuring two men. We can confirm one of the security guards seen in the footage were treated in hospital. A 23-year-old is said to have fractured his skull, while a 20-year-old received head and facial injuries. ...

Reports out of Puerto Rico indicate Salina de la Renta and her team of lawyers at Promociones Dorado are reportedly using their clout and legal threats to keep Martinez from even being interviewed by investigators from the Miami PD as well as the league.

That is one heck of a tale.

First off, I want to make sure readers are not confused. This is a wrestling storyline. I know most of you already figured that out, but I just want it to be clear in case anyone isn’t familiar with the talent involved.

In reality, I’m guessing this elaborate story is to cover a leg injury by Brazil. During the Middleweight Championship ladder match on the live episode of MLW Fusion, Brazil was ‘injured’ early by Hijo de LA Park. Brazil was being pushed the most prior to that bout, so it seemed odd that he was put out of commission like that.

I checked Kotto Brazil’s Twitter feed for hints and saw this retweet.

My first reaction was that Kotto Brazil went full kayfabe in public and I got super excited that it is still real to him, damn it. I quickly realized he retweeted a random GIF. Feel free to laugh at me for that mistake. That said, I now expect Kotto Brazil to be making appearances with an eyepatch.

Ricky Martinez responded to the allegations with a maxim in Latin; ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat. The translation machines says, “To him who says to the burden of the proof, it is not he who denies the.”

Salina de la Renta trash talked with a variation of the comeback most first learn in their youngster days.

To bring it full circle, Konnan stands with Kotto Brazil against Promociones Dorado.

That is the story as it stands today about Kotto Brazil being assaulted. MLW decided to go full over-the-top with their explanation, and I love it. They instantly turned two unconnected wrestlers into a must-see blood feud with neither of the two sharing screen time to develop the rivalry.

However, MLW may have gone a little too far off the deep end in the details. I’m curious how they explain Ricky Martinez not ever being arrested in the future while evidence of three people in the hospital would seem like a sure prison sentence for him. Also, with those reports out of Puerto Rico, does that make this an international incident? Will there have to be a wrestling match between Kotto Brazil and Ricky Martinez over international waters to settle this feud?

Joining MLW has been a smart move for Teddy Hart. He is the current Middleweight Champion and starring in a digital series, H2tv. Now, Hart has a new contract with the promotion. MLW CEO Court Bauer said it best.

“I love a good comeback story. Teddy has lived up to his end and has brought it in every match. He’s hands down one of the most talented wrestlers of his generation and his commitment to MLW has been exceptional so we’re committing to him.”

His next match under the new contract could be...

As you can see, it has been announced that the Lucha Bros will be wrestling at SuperFight on February 2 in Philadelphia. It would seem logical for the Hart Foundation to get a shot at the tag team titles, since that match was previously scheduled for Miami before Fenix injured his groin.

Who would you be picking to win that epic bout? Will Teddy Hart become a double champ as middleweight and tag?

Here’s a short video about Tony Schiavone’s return to wrestling.

As for the next episode of MLW Fusion, the big-time bout of Konnan vs Low Ki will take center stage as the main event. The story is Konnan coming out of retirement to destroy Low Ki and Promociones Dorado in a no disqualification match. The side story is Konnan returning to his hometown of Miami in a Rocky-esque manner to win the championship.

Other action will include Simon Gotch trying to restore his reputation with a $20,000 Prize Fight Challenge after his fight with Tom Lawlor, and a match between Andrew Everett and Ariel Dominguez. It sounds like an entertaining show that will be carried by the novelty of Konnan’s return to the ring.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6 pm ET.

That won’t be the only MLW wrestling on TV in the near future.

beIN SPORTS is hosting a marathon of MLW Fusion on December 31 starting at 6 am ET. Or, do your own MLW Fusion marathon by watching episodes on their YouTube channel. Either way sounds like a good way to spend the day.

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