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MLW gets into the ‘heels with their own YouTube show’ game with H2tv

MLW’s YouTube

The new era Hart Foundation of Teddy Hart, Davey Smith Jr., and Brian Pillman Jr. has been taking MLW by storm this week. First, Teddy Hart won a ladder match to claim the MLW World Middleweight Championship at MLW’s first live television airing. Now, the Hart Foundation debuted their new web series, H2tv.

Check out the two minute world premiere episode of H2tv. It is a hoot.

It began with Hart teaching Pillman philosophy through the art of video games as Pillman practiced against a character resembling a love child between Tommy Dreamer and Barrington Hughes.


I like how Brian Pillman wore a bengal shirt as a reference to Brian Pillman Sr.’s NFL experience with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Then, Pillman hit heavy weights with high repetitions in the thousands as he ordered champagne. Note to self: Pillman does not tip.


Finally, Hart presented Pillman with a Rookie of the Year award and shared a tender hug with Teddy Hart until Hart told Pillman to get off him.


Get a load of Pillman’s acceptance speech. It is full of arrogance. Hart’s line cracks me up every time.

Pillman: I want to thank the MLW roster...

Hart: Lazy p*****s.

Pillman: ... for laying down and refusing to stay in shape. It really made things really easy for me, someone with natural genetics. I really don’t have to try very hard to look great all the time. So, thank you guys for continuing to play wrestler and that way I can be a real wrestler and outshine all of you. Yeah, looking forward to a great 2019. I’ll probably get Rookie of the Year again.

I’m going to give Episode 1 of H2tv the thumbs up. It provided enough chuckles and absurdity to make me want to watch again for next week’s episode titled, “Moonsaulting Cats.” It will not fit everyone’s brand of humor though. I recommend giving it a try to find out.

As much as I enjoyed H2tv, I felt slight disappointment that it was pretty much the exact same thing that aired on Episode 35 of MLW Fusion. I was expecting a little extra in the H2tv premiere. I understand if they continue showing H2tv during MLW Fusion to garner attention for the series, but I would like to see portions saved only for the H2tv videos. That way H2tv would feel more special when each episode debuts on YouTube.

What did you think of H2tv? Did it capture your attention enough to watch next week?

Episode 2 of H2tv premieres Thursday, Dec. 27 at 8:30 pm ET on the MLW YouTube channel.

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