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MLW Roundup: Major fights scheduled, LA Park Hall of Fame, merch check

Let’s catch up on the week’s major news in MLW.

MLW has announced some major matches in the near future. Tom Lawlor will get his chance at Low Ki’s MLW World Heavyweight Championship on February 2 at SuperFight in Philadelphia.

Tom Lawlor earned his opportunity by winning the 40 man Battle Riot back in June 2018. The date and place for the next Battle Riot has also been revealed. April 5 in New York City during Wrestlemania week.

That won’t be the biggest match on the MLW schedule for April. LA Park and Rush will be battling one-on-one on April 4, also in New York City. The announcement was so huge that MLW pretended to fly into Manhattan for a press conference about the April double show. I mean I assume they didn’t actually travel from Miami to Manhattan then back to Miami in between Never Say Never and Zero Hour on consecutive days.

To give you a sense of the feud’s magnitude, the press release says:

“We’ve been working on this one since August” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “It’s very rare you see a rivalry that’s as magical and violent as this one. This is the biggest match we’ve ever put together.”

For the last 2 years, LA Park vs. Rush have sold out arenas in Mexico with their feud becoming known for violent brawling as well as breathtaking classic high flying lucha making this rivalry the most talked about feud in the sport today.

It should be a doozy. In the meantime, enjoy Rush’s entrance video with theme song bumping.

The official match with Rush isn’t the only big news for LA Park. He will be inducted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame. He earned 74% of the vote. Jerry Jarrett, Jimmy Hart, Bill Apter, Howard Finkel, Gary Hart, and Yuji Nagata are also heading into the hall for 2018.

According to Medio Tiempo, other Mexican luchadores in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame are Blue Demon, El Santo, Perro Aguayo, Canek, Negro Casas, Alfonso Dantes, Cavernario Galindo, René Guajardo, Rayo de Jalisco, Atlantis, Mil Máscaras, El Hijo del Santo, and more.

Celebrate with LA Park by renting him for weddings and quinceañeras.

It is the gift giving season, so I was curious what kind of merchandise MLW has to offer. They have a section at the Pro Wrestling Tees website. There are a variety of shirts for stars such as Teddy Hart, Jimmy Havoc, Tom Lawlor, Brian Pillman Jr., Davey Smith Jr., Promociones Dorado, and Max Moon. Two shirts in particular caught my eye.

Pro Wrestling Tees

I’m a fan of the old G.I. Joe cartoon, so I can appreciate the influence in the Filthy graphic. Plus, Tom Lawlor is growing on me as a wresting character, so there would be no shame in wearing that shirt.

Pro Wrestling Tees

The design for this Davey Smith Jr.’s shirt feels tight and clean. I like the bulldog as a reference to his father’s British Bulldogs team. The listed countries add a nice detail about Jr.’s career.

Which shirts MLW stand out to you? Which ones are so ugly that they would have to pay you to wear?

Here’s a short video talking about building the ring.

Tonight’s (Dec. 21) episode of MLW Fusion on beIN SPORTS at 8 pm ET will feature the big no ropes, no holds barred grudge match between Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch. Gotch was a member of Team Filthy until he sold Lawlor out by setting up an ambush.

The visual of no ropes reminds of a fight in the Kumite. Let’s hope their bodies are ready and their hearts are on fire. They are going to stake their claim and fight to survive. Kumite, Kumite, Kumite, Kumite.

Also scheduled are the Hart Foundation, Tommy Dreamer, Barrington Hughes, and more.

Who knows, maybe Colonel Parker will make an appearance.

If you missed last week’s MLW Fusion episode, get caught up here.

Just like with Never Say Never, there are also some GIFs of Zero Hour on the MLW Twitter feed. I’ve posted a few non-spoilers below, but the final GIF is a surprise of minimal importance; Simon Gotch’s prize fight challenge. Skip that one at the end if you don’t want to know who it was.

First up is the staredown between Low Ki and Konnan. They are ready for ass kicking to commence.

Next is the big man showdown. 400 pound Ace Romero vs 469 pound Barrington Hughes. I’m eager to see that battle.

My favorite move from the GIFs provided is Ariel Dominguez crunching Andrew Everett with a rolling German suplex. I can feel Everett’s pain.

Last is the answer to who answered the call for Simon Gotch’s prize fight challenge.

Acey, baby. I am very curious to see how Gotch weasels his way out of that contest. There’s no way he beats Ace Romero, in my view.

MLW Fusion airs live on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05 pm ET.

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