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PAC vs. WALTER set for OTT Homecoming

Get ready to check another dream match off your list, folks, because Irish indie Over the Top Wrestling dropped a bombshell in our laps this morning when they announced the first match for Homecoming II on Feb. 17—

So, uh... that’ll be real good.

And it’s an interesting matchup beyond just the very basic “I would like to see WALTER and PAC chop the living hell out of each other” level, as well.

As NXT UK’s tendrils have crept deeper into the UK indie scene, battle lines have hardened and indies have been picking sides, but OTT have managed to walk a line of being friendly enough with WWE to use NXT UK talent while also still bringing in major New Japan Pro Wrestling stars like Tomohiro Ishii and Minoru Suzuki.

Booking the erstwhile Adrian Neville in and of himself isn’t shocking, but that he’s wrestling a man who’s reportedly firmly in WWE’s camp is what makes it interesting, both from a perspective of what OTT are allowed to book and what bookings PAC is willing to take. In the end, I don’t think it’s very meaningful (free agent takes booking, film at eleven), but it’s an interesting point of data all the same.

And, just a footnote, this will not be the first time these men have shared a ring. They’ve actually tagged together once before, for Rings of Europe in WALTER’s native Austria way back in 2006, in a losing effort to former FIP World Tag Team Champions the Heartbreak Express of Phil and Sean Davis. Weird.

There you have it, folks

Excited to see the Bastard King and the Ring General go at it in Ireland, Cagesiders?

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