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MLW Fusion Live review: Teddy Hart captured gold, more Rush in the ring

MLW Fusion went live for the first time in company history. Episode 35 emanated from the Scottish Rite Temple in Miami. Feature bouts were the MLW World Middleweight Championship ladder match, Dragon Lee’s debut, and Rush back in action.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Promociones Dorado attacking Team Filthy

The show opened hot outside as LA Park beat on Fred Yehi (I think), while Ricky Martinez launched a different member of Team Filthy into a trailer ala Kevin Nash and Rey Mysterio. This dart toss was not nearly as cool as the one by Big Sexy, but I appreciate the effort. They didn’t have the massive size difference as an aesthetic.

Look at this motley crew of hooligans.

MLW Fusion

Salina de la Renta said, “MLW, listen to me. Tom Lawlor, are you ready? Because we are live.”

MLW World Middleweight Championship Ladder Match

This match from the Miami shows has been hit most by the injury bug, most notably MJF having to relinquish his championship. The official participants were Gringo Loco, Kotto Brazil, Dezmond Xavier, Hijo de LA Park, and a surprise Teddy Hart, who was wearing his genie pants.

Hart opened the action with a springboard moonsault to the outside on Xavier. Hijo destroyed Brazil by attacking his leg with chair and ladder violence. Brazil was escorted to the back.

The match continued with a fast-paced free-for-all. Highlights include a tandem superkick to Hart to cause a Mexican Destroyer by Hijo, another springboard moonsault by Hart to the outside, Gringo Loco being pushed off a ladder onto the ropes then springboarding off for a cutter, and a flying splash by Hijo onto Xavier atop a ladder hung in the ropes.

The finish played out with a return of Brazil. He bashed Hijo good with a multitude of chair shots. Brazil tried to climb the ladder, but Hart took him down and delivered huge lungblower. Hart ascended to glory to capture the championship.

Tom Lawlor, action man

Kaci Lennox was ready to interview Tom Lawlor, who earlier had his hand checked out by a medical specialist from the Miami Dolphins. MLW has the hook up.

Lawlor burst through a door mumbling the name of Salina de la Renta and Low Ki. Lennox asked a question, and Lawlor replied, “No, no no. I’m sorry. Now is not the time for talking. Now is the time for action.”

MLW NYC press conference

MLW will have a two day show on April 4 and April 5 as part of Wrestlemania week. Rush vs LA Park and the 40-man Battle Riot are the main events. Park and Rush had heated words. Dog!

DJZ vs Dragon Lee

Quick and kicky. Highlights of the competitive contest include a tope con hilo by DJZ, a slingshot splash into the ring by DJZ followed by a Lionsault, a double underhook shoulderbreaker by Dragon Lee, an explosive snap German suplex by Lee, and a flying double stomp by Lee to DJZ who was hung up on the outside of the corner.

The finishing sequence began by Lee catching a rolling maneuver by DJZ and turning it into a sit-out powerbomb. Two count. A second Dragon Driver ended it.

Promos, news, and other stuff

Reporters pestered Salina de la Renta as members of Promociones Dorado were joining some ladies in a limousine. Tom Lawlor charged up to throw lumber at Ricky Martinez. The Parks brawled with Lawlor as Salina hopped into the limo to escape.

Kaci Lennox later updated the situation. Lawlor disposed of Hijo de LA Park and is, “brawling up and down the streets of Miami,” with Papa Park. The visual in my mind is a barrel of laughs, something like Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin.

Tom Lawlor will get his championship shot against Low Ki at SuperFight on February 2 in Philadelphia.

A quick commercial for Quagmire Ribs played. Their website says, “Proud sponsor of H2tv and the 2004 Medicine Hat Persian Cat Show!” The menu has some interesting dishes.

H2tv provided a sneak peak of the new web series. Scenes include Brian Pillman Jr. playing an arcade game, Pillman doing over 1,000 arm exercises on a machine with only one tiny plate as he ordered up champagne on the phone, and Teddy Hart presenting Pillman with the MLW Rookie of the Year award.

Simon Gotch cut a promo via satellite from California. The closing lines said it all, “Tom’s going to find out the hard way. That regardless of who winds up dominating who, his nightmares are just beginning.” Smug smile from Simon.

Rich Swann vs Rush

The match opened with outside brawling. Rush used a trashcan, a hip toss onto the stage, and a head smash on the announcers’ table to kick Rich Swann’s ass from pillar to post. Swann turned the tide with a handspring off the ropes into a cutter. Highlights include a high-flying swan splash by Swann, an overhead belly-to-belly suplex by Rush into the corner, and a superplex by Rush.

The finish played out as Rush got his knees up on a middle rope 450 splash by Swann. Rush seized with a double underhook piledriver to win.

After the match, LA park showed up to duke it out with Rush. Referees and security did their best to separate the two.

Low Ki slid into the ring for a promo. “The beautiful part about live TV is that anything can happen.” Low Ki trash talked Tom Lawlor, who showed up to fight. Lawlor’s body had scratches from his previous skirmishes. Lawlor pummeled Low Ki as Tony Schiavone exclaimed his classic line, “We are out of time for Major League Wrestling on beIN SPORTS.”

MLW’s first attempt at going live seemed to run smoothly. There were a few minor issues, such as an awkward commercial break in the middle of the ladder match. It came out of nowhere and made me think I changed the channel by accident, even though I was watching on YouTube. They missed a step-up tope con hilo by Gringo Loco during the break and never showed a replay. Thankfully, MLW posted a clip of the maneuver on Twitter. They also missed Teddy Hart doing a springboard moonsault onto a ladder, while the cameras were focused on the return of Kotto Brazil. Other than those instances, the show was on point.

The episode itself was enjoyable. The wrestling was solid. Teddy Hart becoming middleweight champ was thumbs up from this fan. Dragon Lee was impressive in the first match I’ve seen with him. Rush was cool as always. All the brawls during the show added a touch of chaos and built heat for future feuds. I’m not familiar with the LA Park vs Rush quarrel in CMLL, but I’m already sold for MLW’s version.

My favorite part was the sneak peak of H2tv. The banter between Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. was humorous, especially the Rookie of the Year portion. “Lazy p******,” and Hart telling Pillman to get off him after their emotional embrace. I look forward to the full video.

Episode 35 was a good start to the Miami shows. Tom Lawlor vs Simon Gotch in no ropes, no holds barred will be featured on next week’s MLW Fusion. Who are you picking? Which was your favorite moment of the live show? Who impressed you the most?

MLW Fusion airs live on beIN SPORTS Friday nights 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT with replays at 11 pm ET. New episodes are posted on YouTube Saturday nights at 6:05pm ET.

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