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Watch The Elite’s goodbye from ROH Final Battle

We broke it down for you here, but in case you can’t wait for it to show up on a future episode of their YouTube show, here’s a good fan shot video of Matt Jackson of The Young Buck’s promo on behalf of The Elite after Final Battle in Manhattan last night.

Thanks to Joseph Santangelo for the footage, and h/t PWInsider for directing us to it:

“Don’t worry, this isn’t gonna be some emotional farewell speech or anything like that.

My brother and I started in this company over ten years ago. This past two year run has been the greatest time of my life. I love this man right here, Cary Silkin, without him none of this would be possible. Every individual in this ring, all of you, from the bottom of my heart, I love you so much. Gary [Juster], Greg [Gilleland], Joe [Koff], you guys have been incredible to work with. I would have never become the person I’ve become, I would’ve never become the wrestler I’ve become without the support of you guys, every guy in the back, my wife Mrs. Matt who’s watching at home, our supportive families - everybody in this ring, all of you, we’re all elite, right?

The timer is ticking! Something is about to go down! I don’t know what, I hope you watch our YouTube series Being The Elite. I’ll tell you this. New York City - WE WILL BE BACK and we’ll see you then!”

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