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MLW Roundup: Live TV tonight, Hart Foundation digital series, Wale, Never Say Never GIFs

The biggest news of the week for MLW is that they will be airing live for the first time in the promotion’s history. One hour of Zero Hour from Miami will be live tonight (Friday, Dec. 14) on beIN SPORTS at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

The featured bouts include Dragon Lee vs DJZ, Rush vs Rich Swan, and the World Middleweight Championship ladder match. Just when you thought the lineup for the ladder match was set, the injury bug struck again. Jason Cade broke his ankle.

You have to love the press release about the injury.

The staggering list of injuries continues to grow as middleweight contender Jason Cade broke his ankle under mysterious circumstances. There are conflicting reports that Cade was attacked leaving the gym by a masked assailant. League’s security division is investigating.

Best of luck to Cade on his recovery, but I can’t help laughing at the explanation for his absence. I’d like to know who is MLW’s head of security. That person does not seem to be doing a very good job. Something peculiar happens each week, such as Tom Lawlor being ambushed by Promociones Dorado and Konnan hitting Ricky Martinez with a lock in a sock. Perhaps MLW should consider hiring former WCW head of security Doug Dellinger, although, I was never impressed by his work either. He did a less than adequate job of protecting wrestlers from the NWO.

Replacing Cade will be Hijo de LA Park. Sounds good to me, especially since I’m a big fan of LA Park’s son. I’ll be rooting for his success against Dezmond Xavier, Kotto Brazil, and Andrew Everett. Who do you want to see become the next holder of the MLW World Middleweight Championship?

The main event for Zero Hour is scheduled to be a no disqualification bout for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship between Low Ki and Konnan. (That match won’t be live. Expect it to be aired at a later date on MLW Fusion.)

Personally, I’m excited at the spectacle of Konnan coming out of retirement, but I was having a tough time envisioning how he could win. In an interview with Jim Varsallone, Konnan indirectly addressed my concerns as he laid out his strategy for fighting Low Ki.

You know, obviously he’s going to be younger, quicker, in better shape, probably better condition, since he’s doing this every week. I’m not.

The only thing I have really going for me is that I outweigh him. As you know, I have a boxing background, so at any point there is a good chance I could knock him out with a liver shot or a shot to the jaw. I’m really well versed in pressure points. I don’t think there’s any way there’s much defense against that, joint manipulation. ... If I really attack some of his pressure points, and try to maybe even dislocate him, that’s something I don’t think he’s used to.

After hearing Konnan’s path to victory, I’m now sold on the match itself as a fight and not just a 54 year old legend stepping back in the ring. What are your impressions of Konnan’s strategy?

Also on the interview tip, Tony Schiavone had an interesting 30 minute conversation on the Solomonster Sounds Off podcast. There was a some talk about MLW along with other topics including why he came back to wrestling, thoughts on commentary today, inspirations, why he left WWE, and how his time with WWE was cherished. Tony Schiavone fans will enjoy the chat.

In other news, the Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart, Davey Smith Jr., and Brian Pillman Jr.) will be producing their own digital series called H2tv. There will be a teaser on tonight’s MLW Fusion live broadcast.

MLW CEO Court Bauer’s quote from the press release says it all, “Giving these three the shot to be Executive Producers and have complete creative control over this project is probably something I’ll regret but the fans will no doubt enjoy.”

Rapper Wale is back in wrestling news by tweeting about MLW.

Tom Lawlor and Brian Pillman Jr. seem interested. Who would you like to see Wale hit with a chair?

Wale does have a relationship MLW Radio Network as they put on Walemania IV earlier this year during Wrestlemania weekend. Wale is also no stranger to WWE. Whether it be freestyling about Sasha Banks, hosting a rap battle between the Usos and New Day, or appearing on 205 Live.

*Mild spoiler alert. Never Say Never GIFs ahead, but no winners mentioned.

Never Say Never went down last night. MLW posted some cool GIFs on their Twitter account. Here are my favorite three of the bunch.

Rush stomping a mudhole in Shane Strickland.

LA Park spearing Sami Callihan onto chairs.

Last but not least, LA Park dancing.

I’ll leave you with this neat picture of Salina de la Renta and Low Ki standing next to Konnan’s head floating in a jar.

Tune in tonight (Friday, Dec. 14) at 8pm ET / 5pm PT on beIN SPORTS to witness MLW’s first live adventure. Here’s to hoping everything runs smoothly.

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