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Joey Ryan is injured, but don’t worry, it’s not his most famous body part

At a MLW taping in Chicago last night (Thurs., Nov. 8), Joey Ryan revealed that Triple H isn’t the only bearded pro wrestler with a torn pec right now.

Ryan doesn’t know yet if his injury is as severe as The Game’s. He’s pulling out of his scheduled dates this weekend to get it checked out and find out if he’ll require surgery. You can see from the pics he shared that he has some of the discoloration we saw in Hunter’s gross pre-op ones:

Fortunately, Ryan doesn’t need his left arm to book and promote Bar Wrestling. And while he uses them for effect, I don’t he needs either arm to hit his most famous (and Jim Cornette’s least favorite) move, the YouPorn Plex.

Still, get well soon, famous dick wrestler Joey Ryan. And probably don’t let Hangman Page visit you in the hospital.

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