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Cup of coffee in the big time: Backstage details on David Arquette vs. Nick Gage

David Arquette’s quick trip to the world of hardcore wrestling gained a lot of attention just a few weekends ago as his light tube filled match with Nick Gage drifted in and out of being a shoot.

As wild as it may have looked to those watching in the arena or those watching from home, it was even more wild for “the boys” backstage.

Ethan Page, co-host of Cageside Seats’ Bitter Boys Club podcast, wrestled D’Lo Brown on the card. He explained the action that went down at GCW: Joey Janela’s L.A. Confidential during this week’s episode of the show.

“(Arquette) was super cool all day,” Page said. “He was like, ‘What’s up Ethan, nice to meet you!’ During the day he was planning his match with Nick Gage and they were saying it was going to be great. It was his idea to have light tubes and stuff like that. I’m 99% sure they went to lunch the day before and discussed all the nonsense.

“The match is happening and I’m listening to the crowd. Matt Riddle and Chris Hero are there and everyone’s hanging out and having a good time. All of a sudden, Nick Gage comes up — this is the funniest moment of the entire day. All this craziness is happening, Nick Gage is about to get light tubes to smash David Arquette in the head. As he’s walking up the entrance/hallway to get the light tubes, the door opens to the locker room and Nick Gage is angry, everyone is chanting ‘G-C-Dub, G-C-Dub’ and Nick Gage looks up and locks eyes with Hero and says, ‘Oh hi, Chris Hero!’”

Things went from funny to exciting to bizarre in a hurry.

“Nick Gage goes out, gets the light tubes, they’re messing each other up,” Page said. “All of a sudden, Arquette is getting chants, he’s getting over because he’s having the craziest movie star match. Did you see the moment Gage is cutting Arquette’s forehead and as he’s bringing his arm up, he gets bucked off by Arquette and Arquette freaks out and grabs him by the throat? That was for sure real. Everything after that was the craziest thing I’ve seen in wrestling.

“He was (going to leave). He thought he was going to shoot on him, then he freaked out and when he freaked out he legitimately got his neck sliced. He thinks he’s about to die of blood loss or something. So, he’s freaking out, he leaves the ring, for some reason gets back in and lays down because he realizes the match isn’t over. He’s like, ‘pin me’ and Nick Gage is like, ‘nah’ and goes to get a giant thing of light tubes. He hits him in the back and they don’t break. When Nick Gage is telling me about this after the show, he’s like, ‘You’re in my world now, you’ve gotta trust me and go with it.’”

The moments where Arquette’s desire to continue the match as planned had gained a lot of traction on social media and websites.

They also were enough to get Matt Riddle to not care if he was caught on camera.

“Arquette wants the match to be done, Nick Gage gets a bundle of tubes and tries to break it over his back,” Page said. “Weirdly, it doesn’t break, Arquette freaks out and grabs a chair that still has light tubes on it, swings it, smokes him and then tries to do some kind of armbar but Nick Gage shoot judo throws him like a dope police officer and just pins him 1,2,3. He literally beat him with a hiptoss.

“Matt Riddle runs out, he’s like, ‘I don’t care if I get caught on camera for this shit.’ When Arquette left the ring, everyone started freaking out, ‘Oh my god, they’re shooting, what’s going on, what’s going on?’”

You can catch the full episode on iTunes, Stitcher or most major podcast platforms, or just give it a listen right here:

Happy Friday, we escaped this one just in time.

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