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MLW’s Tom Lawlor dropped a unanimous decision on the Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz MMA card

Ronda Rousey, Brock Lesnar, and CM Punk are the most famous crossover stars between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. As popular as those three are, MLW wrestler Tom Lawlor has them beat in one regard. He is active in both sports at the same time.

Fresh off a Chicago Street Fight against Sami Callihan, Tom Lawlor competed in MMA against Deron Winn on the card main-evented by legends, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

Aside from his fighting skills, Lawlor is a fan favorite due to wacky weigh-in antics and entrances. Lawlor was coming off a USADA suspension for ostarine. That played into his weigh-in gimmick.

Also, check out Lawlor’s interview with MMA Fighting’s Marc Raimondi during fight week. It has some interesting discussion about his wrestling career and UFC release.

Lawlor’s opponent, Deron Winn, trained with Daniel Cormier and sort of resembled the UFC’s double champ. Winn was short in stature, sort of beefy in appearance, and their voices even sounded similar. DC has a Mini-Me.

Lawlor entered the cage for the co-main event by lip synching to Lana Del Rey’s, “Born to Die.” Damn, that song has over 387,000,000 views on YouTube and I’ve never heard of it before. I’m way out of touch.

I’m no fight judge nor an MMA technical analyst, but here’s the fight description as best as I can do. The first two rounds were all striking. Winn controlled the pace with heavy hands. Winn clearly won round one. Lawlor was bloodied up. Round two was even. I gave it to Lawlor, but I wouldn’t argue anyone scoring for Winn.

Round three had the most drama. The first takedown of the fight occurred by Winn, but there was only a few seconds of top position on the mat. Winn succeeded with a second takedown with about 40 seconds of control. Back on the feet, the two exchanged punches in the pocket. Winn backed up and looked to the ref about a lost mouthpiece. Lawlor pounced for an arm-in guillotine. Winn ended up in top position for the final 90 seconds. He slugged ground and pound in the last ten seconds of the fight.

The judges deemed it a 30-27 unanimous decision in favor of Deron Winn. Winn upped his record to 5-0, while Lawlor dropped to 10-7.

Tom Lawlor wasn’t the only professional wrestling connection on the card. Former WWE voice Todd Grisham handled play-by-play. He was flanked by Frank Mir and Rashad Evans. The main event featured TNA superstar Tito Ortiz. He had a cup of coffee in the promotion to turn on the Main Event Mafia to join the Aces & Eights.

As for the main event of the evening, Tito Ortiz came out first. His music had a weird techno intro with thoughtful lyrics, “He’s in the house, Tito is in the house.” A popular rock jam commenced, possibly by Limp Bizkit.

Chuck Liddell’s video package had the choice quote, “Tito, he’s an ass I don’t like. I’m really going to enjoy knocking him out.” His song began with, “Are you f-ing ready for action?” The rest was an electronic doo doo, doo doooooooo song.

I’d give the slight edge in entrance tunes to Ortiz, but it wasn’t close to a 10-9 round. More like a 2-1 round. I won’t be sad if I never hear either song ever again.

Liddell still had his patented ice cold, steely-eyed glare. Although, he did smile during the glove touch stare down.

The fight itself finished within one round. They were feeling each other out for the first half. Liddell threw a haymaker, missed, and stumbled after contact with Ortiz. Ortiz did the same.

With less than one minute left in the round, Ortiz went forward and coldcocked Liddell unconscious. The punch didn’t look overly vicious. It was a straight flush right to the mush. Liddell crumbled with ease, but that’s what happens when the chin is gone for good. Ortiz landed a few unnecessary punches for good measure.

Ortiz proceeded with his gravedigger celebration.

The official verdict was a knockout at 4:24 of round one. Ortiz let out a Ric Flair woo in the post-fight interview. He was respectful to Liddell and thanked him for taking the fight.

I can’t say the result was unexpected, but I sure was rooting for Liddell to win. Oh, well.

If WWE ever decided to do business with Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz, how would you like to see them used? What kind of special attraction role would make you most excited?

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