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PAC has a match with Zack Sabre Jr, does not have Instagram

Friday, Nov. 23 started with a big announcement about the gradual reintroduction of PAC, formerly known as WWE’s Neville, to the wrestling scene. Not that Dragon Gate isn’t a big deal. They have a streaming service and everything! But in announcing a big showdown with a New Japan superstar for his next RevPro match, he’s officially back on the European scene. It feels like it’s only a matter of time until we’re hearing about a U.S. date.

The Jan. 6 bout against Zack Sabre Jr. could conceivably be for a belt, too. Sabre will challenge Tomohiro Ishii for the British Heavyweight title at Wrestle Kingdom 13 a couple nights before he faces PAC at Live At The Cockpit 37 in London. So, that’s exciting!

Not as exciting as how some wrestling fans thought PAC ended the day, however. An Instagram account alleging to belong to the former King of the Cruiserweights did a Q & A and responded to a fan asking about Enzo Amore. The reply said Amore wasn’t the main reason why he left, but he was annoying, and... none of that matters because:

The real deal will be wrestling in London on Jan. 6, at a show that will certainly have more fans in attendance than nZo’s last gig.

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