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Neville says his ridiculous physique comes from hate, not steroids

The picture of PAC (fka WWE’s Neville) which made the rounds over the weekend, starting with a tweet from the man himself, got a lot people speculating about how the Dragon Gate star came to have less body fat than John Cena.

Seeing as he’s been free from WWE’s Wellness Program maybe as long as a year, a lot of folks wondered if/assumed that perhaps the Newcastle native was using performance enhancing drugs.

Not so, says PAC, who’s declared himself a “steroid free savage”:

Now, I’m not saying it’s PEDs, but I’ve been on a few HATE AND VENGEANCE trips in my day, and they didn’t get me those abs. So I’m thinking a really clean diet and strict gym routine have to be involved, too.

Either way, live your life King.

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