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Still unfortunately calling himself ‘Big C’, Cass wrestles his first indie match

The wrestler formerly known during his WWE days as Big Cass made his return to wrestling over the weekend.

For some reason still going by a name often used to describe cancer (the disease, although I suppose some people born in June or July may refer to their astrological sign the same way), Big C worked a couple shows for Big Time Wrestling in Massachusetts and New York this past weekend (Nov. 9 - 10).

The fact he wasn’t as trim and defined as he has been during his runs on NXT, Raw and SmackDown has led to quite a few jokes. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to find Tweeted pics of Big C in Lynn, MA or Hicksville, NY without a comment about his size, and I don’t mean his unteachable height.

I’m not usually one to decry a double standard in how people talk about the appearances of men and women. There are countless differences throughout human history between how the sexes have been judged & treated based others’ perceptions of their bodies which make even trying to apply the same standard to both a rigged game from the jump.

But making “fat” jokes about Cass isn’t cool*. If you want to make fun of him for whatever reason, might I suggest his new ring name?

I mean, I get that you want to call back to your WWE moniker, but ‘Big C’? Seriously?

* Author’s note: This comes across more holier-than-thou than intended, so I should point out that several of the first things which went through my mind upon seeing pictures of Big C from this weekend were “fat jokes”, so I’m calling myself out as much anything else here. There’s also a difference between commenting on the change in his body over the last 90 days and body shaming. These things are tricky, so mostly just try to not be a jerk. Something I failed at in my first draft of this post.

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