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Who’s ready for a Penis Party with Joey Ryan?

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It was a ho-hum Sunday catching up on penis news, when I came across an amazing GIF of Jerry Lawler shooting a fireball at Joey Ryan’s man meat. You may recall the story about Joey Ryan paying tribute to Andy Kaufman in a showdown with Jerry Lawler back in April at WrestleCon. Video is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Obviously, the fireball is a sight to behold. In a close second is Lawler’s giddy reaction. His little footsteps make me giggle every time.

Watch their full encounter here.

In other penis news...

Go hard or go home. That saying is generally good advice. However, it might not be for Joey Ryan’s latest business endeavor. Going hard may get you sent home from the first annual Joey Ryan Penis Party.

There doesn’t seem to be many details as of yet for what to expect, but do we really need details with a title like that? Tickets are currently on sale for the April 5th event at WrestleCon in 2019.

That party is not the only way the King of Dong Style has been capitalizing on his phallic fame. He has a variety of unique t-shirts for sale.

RIP takes a whole new meaning with Joey Ryan. All Night Dong is probably my favorite of the bunch.

Joey Ryan’s business ventures don’t end there. Often times, wrestlers don’t plan for their future outside the ring. It is good to know that Ryan has vision.

Who’s up for a penis party? Which Joey Ryan shirt do you like best? Are there any you would actually wear in public on a regular day? I was going to ask if you would hire Joey Ryan for your wedding, but that is an obvious answer. The better question is for how many hours.

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