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Cody Rhodes: ‘Anybody could be anywhere... 2019 is gonna blow your mind’

2018’s already pretty crazy. I mean, this quote comes from a video produced by the NWA, featuring a man who holds their main title while he’s under contract to Ring of Honor, with footage of him winning a New Japan secondary championship at that company’s Long Beach show.

So there’s really only two more places Cody Rhodes and the Being The Elite team can go to really wow us, right? Will it be Impact? WWE? Can they do the latter while still retaining independence and repping other promotions like the NWA?

Ponder that while you watch the latest excellent episode of Ten Pounds of Gold, which features this quote from Worlds champ Cody:

“When was there a time when outlaw shows, mega-shows, were coming together? Where the ten pounds of gold had been brought back from near death and is now a legitimate travelling title in high regard? There are more wrestlers, men and women, with no fear than ever before. That is the most power we can possibly have, when we are not afraid. When we are not afraid of somebody who wasn’t in the ring telling us about what we did in the ring. We know. We know.

And I think that’s my favorite thing about who I surround myself with in the current state of wrestling is there are more wrestlers than ever with no fear. No fear of getting fired, no fear of anything. Because the world’s wide open now. But I think it’s obvious, the best thing to say is there are no walls anymore. Anybody could be anywhere. Anybody could be anywhere. And that’s not like this clever marketing thing. And if you think it is, just stay tuned. Year 2019 is gonna blow your mind.

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