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Neville returns at Dragon Gate show

yatsukanakazawa on Twitter

While it’s a promotion with which he has a long history, I did not have Dragon Gate - a Japanese indie focused on super juniors (aka cruiserweights) - as the first landing spot for Neville post-WWE.

But here we are...

Returning to his old moniker PAC, the British high-flier emerged a year after reportedly walking out of WWE last October to join the heel RED stable as Eita’s mystery partner. While there’s no word on how long he’s committed to working with the promotion he wrestled for for five years before heading to NXT, Dragon Gate has already announced his next appearance in November:

In addition to being the first we’ve seen of him in a year, the appearance comes a week after a report he’d stopped responding to promoter’s inquiries. Was that simply because of his deal with Dragon Gate? Part of a larger plan?

We’ll be following along and keep you up to date, Cagesiders. For now, PAC is back!

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