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Daga and Low Ki are feuding over a torn ear

Time for another edition of everyone’s favorite game. Work? Shoot? Work into a shoot? Shoot into a work? Brother.

On the docket today is from an MLW World Heavyweight Championship match between Low Ki and Daga earlier this month. During the fight, Low Ki almost tore Daga’s ear off. Here is the most prominent photo.


Diario La Verdad has some unofficial footage of the moment. During a tie up, Low Ki ripped his hands away and Daga went down kicking his feet in pain. Spoiler alert: The clip may show the finish to the match. It hasn’t aired yet, so I can’t be certain.

It seems like a total dick move by Low Ki to keep doing moves on Daga as he is squirming on the mat. But, that’s just my perspective as someone who was never stepped foot in the ring. Perhaps Daga was ready to continue.

Daga had to visit a surgeon at the hospital. The health update stated, “Preliminary reports indicate Daga suffered an acute tear to the corner of his helix as well as ligament and muscle damage.” The phrasing gives me a chuckle for some reason. Muscle damage? I didn’t know ears had muscles. Can Daga no longer wiggle his ears?

At this point in the story, Daga’s torn ear seems legit. However, I have yet to see any close photos of his ear.

The cloudiness comes in the aftermath.

Was that tweet legit anger from Daga? It took a day or two for Low Ki and his manager, Salina de la Renta, to reply. Low Ki went with a cold retort that made me chuckle.

He more or less said, “We told you to be careful. Did you listen to us? Can you hear me now?” That seems like it could be legit or part of a story. De la Renta’s reply feels much more storyline.

Daga looked for a rematch and MLW CEO Court Bauer obliged.

It seems to me like this story might have a quadruple whammy. Work, shoot, work into a shoot, and shoot into a work. Whatever the case, MLW has handled it pretty effectively. I am certainly curious and inclined to check the show out once season four of Lucha Underground wraps up.

How about you? Where do you stand on the elements of the story? If you have seen MLW, what do you think about it?

MLW: Fusion airs Fridays at 8pm ET on beIN Sports. I’m not clear on when Low Ki vs Daga will officially be televised. I haven’t figured out the rate of speed from tapings to finished product. They post new episodes on YouTube at 6:05pm ET Saturdays. Give it a try. Reviews seem pretty high.

In other Daga news, he is dating Tessa Blanchard.

Cheers to the couple. Diamonds and daggers, indeed.

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