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We don’t know where Cody Rhodes is signing, but he probably doesn’t think highly of their management

Amidst the noise of “will they or won’t they go to WWE?” (which the latest Being The Elite has more of, if you’re looking for some Jan. 1 jokes), NWA Worlds champ and IWGP United States champion Cody Rhodes offered some pretty clear thoughts on the business in this tweet:

With all the media and online backlash against WWE for their relationship with Saudi Arabia right now, it’s easy to read as an indictment of Vince McMahon and team. Coming shortly after several rumors about dissatisfaction with New Japan brass, it could be seen as a shot at them. Rhodes is getting ready to main event the NWA’s new pay-per-view (PPV) this Sun., Oct. 21 in Nashville - maybe there’s some friction with Dave Lagana and Billy Corgan?

Other than that he’s not a fan multiple offices, we don’t know. But it does sound like Cody is in favor of some organization among the boys and girls in the locker room. Is he just talking about his Bullet Club clique staying together in their upcoming negotiations, or could unionization of wrestlers be the next mountain Rhodes tries to summit?

Give us your read, along with your thoughts on bad-mouthing the bosses and/or the possibility of successfully forming a wrestling union, below.

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