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Cody Rhodes and Young Bucks reveal date for 10K seat show (we think)

Looks like Cody Rhodes dream of running a 10,000 seat independent pro wrestling show is one step closer to becoming a reality. Or multiple steps, depending on how you count setting up a Twitter account and tweeting out some graphics featuring the rumored show name, All In, with a date and a group of headliners:

Putting on the event is only part of the goal, too. Cody and The Bucks want to prove they can sell out a WWE-sized venue. And without a location, or a card, there’s no way to even begin to discussing how realistic that is.

They’re building interest, though, and if they’ll actually have the other faces on their header - New Japan main eventer Kenny Omega and star of The CW’s Arrow Stephen Amell - in the line-up, that’ll help.

Sept. 1 is also Labor Day weekend, a three-day holiday in the United States, and occurs during WWE’s post-SummerSlam lull, so that looks to be a smart play, as well. It is around when popular indie PWG runs their annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament, but that’s been moved before - and not having The Bucks would probably be a bigger blow to BOLA than not having the hundreds of fans who are willing to spend for a ticket to the American Legion Post in Reseda would hurt All In.

There’s a long way to go before you make any plans to see the show, but it looks like it’s happening.


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