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Yes, Jim Cornette is ranting about Mick Foley taking a penis flip from Joey Ryan

Just days ago, Mick Foley shared a post on Facebook where he mentioned that Jim Cornette may not want to be his friend anymore. The reason? He sold for Joey Ryan and his patented penis-flip. His explanation for doing so was that it led to putting a smile on the face of pretty much everyone in the crowd who was there to witness it.

Naturally, Cornette was bombarded with links to the offending video and written word. He responded about like Foley — and anyone who has ever listened to what he believes about wrestling — thought he would.

He is mad online.

His basic argument hasn’t changed: spots like this are killing the business, destroying whatever credibility it has left to the point that it’s no longer believable and never can be again. Fans were smiling, sure, but it’s because they were laughing at the silliness of it all, not because they were legitimately invested in the action in the ring in any meaningful way.

“I’m not mad at Mick Foley, and I’m not gonna knock Mick Foley, and I still love Mick Foley. But I have never said these words before in public: I’m disappointed in Mick Foley. ... He did it because Mick Foley is too nice to be in the wrestling business.”

Well, there you go.

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