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Donovan Dijak reportedly headed to WWE

UPDATE: Wrestling Observer and PWInsider both say it’s WWE, with the latter reporting he’ll be at the Performance Center in September.

Donovan Dijak made an appearance on the New Age Insiders podcast last night (July 19) for a very special announcement. After a fake-out as to whether he’s going to be on America’s Got Talent (he will not be), he announced that the Chaotic Wrestling show on August 4 will be his last appearance for that promotion.

Indeed, it’s a weekend of last appearances, as he’ll also be making his last appearances for Lucky Pro Wrestling and Northeast Wrestling that weekend, and earlier today he dropped this sweet t-shirt on everybody’s proverbial laps.

Asked the obvious question of “if you’re not taking indie dates... and you’ve been and gone from Ring of Honor... and you’re not retiring... what’s next?”, Dijak said his future isn’t completely set in stone just yet, but he has some exciting and promising things on the horizon.

Spitballing as to what Donovan could occupy his time with, the hosts alight on Full Sail University, and the big man, knowing full well what he’s doing, mentioned that he’s been there and that it’s a wonderful place.

In the meantime, Dijak is also finishing up for Limitless Wrestling on July 21, WrestleCircus on July 22 (which will be streamed free through their Twitch channel), will be appearing on the US Progress show on August 12, and will make his debut (but maybe also farewell!) for PWG at Battle of Los Angeles on September 1-3.

There you have it, folks

Tall Don is taking steps to move on from the indies... but to where? The answer seems pretty obvious, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy a well-deserved victory lap from one of indie wrestling’s premier athletic big men while it lasts.

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