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A pro wrestling promotion is offering CM Punk $1 million to wrestle again

This popped up today:

Posted by 5 Star Wrestling on Thursday, May 18, 2017

If there’s any surprise here it’s not that an offer like this has been made but that it’s taken this long for such a clear promotional gimmick to rear its head. CM Punk is not returning to professional wrestling, as he has made clear, and if he did it would be under his own terms and conditions, as he’s also made clear. Furthermore, he’s under contract to the UFC.

The offer, though it may be legitimate, serves as a promotional tactic, an easy way to use Punk’s name to draw eyeballs without ever actually having to come through on the stated promise because, again, it’s a near certainty he wouldn’t accept it, even if he could. It’s just outrageous enough for blogs like this one to report on it, though, so it suits their purposes just fine.

Punk, for his part, is having some fun with it without expressly acknowledging it:

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