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Progress Chapter 46 recap & review: British Strong Style continue to dominate as Ospreay leaves town for good

Demand Progress

Chapter 46: I Like to Chill Out Here and Shoot Some Dinosaurs went up on Demand Progress a few days ago, so let's have a look!

The Origin (Dave Mastiff & El Ligero) vs. the Origin (Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson)

After the usual plumped up (and awesome) intros, Cruz tries to talk Ligero into abandoning Banter, offering him the mask he stole back. The Mexican Sensation considers it, taking the mask and turning the thumbs down on Mastiff. He backs behind Cruz and Gibson, turns the thumbs back up, and hits them both in the gentleman's area!

Both men in the Tree of Woe for dropkicks, Mastif tries to line up a cannonball but referee Paz tries to get order so he can ring the bell. So, of course, Team Banter pick him up and ram his head into each man's groin in turn! El on hands and knees, the Bastard directing traffic, but Nathan steps up into a slam before Dave can go full Jeff Hardy.

A second try... and Ligero just collapses under one heavy boot. Gibson in, testing Mastiff's strength, then Ligero tags in, and mind you the bell still hasn't rung. A "ring the bell" chant goes up as the sourpuss pair try and fail to double-team the Mexican Sensation and eat a headscissors takeover and a cutter for their trouble.

The bell finally rings and Ligero goes for a cover... nope! An attempt to block a tag leads to Cruz being in control, slingshot back suplex and the King of Otter Style is worked over with quick tags. El ducks and dives and manages to tag the Bastard in to clear house, including a senton on both men simultaneously!

Ligero slingshot crossbody to the outside is caught and he's thrown into the video wall! Mastiff throws a dive and he is decidedly not caught! Ligero climbs the balcony... SENTON ATOMICO! In the ring Banter is in charge, powerbomb into a splash nearly does it.

Dave runs over to knock Zack down but gets yanked outside, Cruz clobbers Ligero, Shankly Gates are in, Mastiff recovered but Nathan runs back over and Cactus Clotheslines the Bastard back outside! Mexican Sensation gets the ropes but Liverpool's Number One is on him with an overhead elbow.

Looking for a suplex, Ligero slips out, Face Eraser! Cruz in, Show Stolen on Ligero, Mastiff in with a deadlift German suplex on Cruz! Zack going for Ticket to Ride but the Bastard throws him off! Dave up top but Gibson cuts him off before he can fly and nails him with Ticket to Ride this time!

El and Zack now, Ligero beckoning him in for chops and forearms, Gibson hits the ropes and takes a Shoryuken! C4L blocked, assisted Tombstone piledriver... BANTER LIVES! Thumbs up as they wait for the King of Otter Style to rise, he flips them the bird...

The Origin win by pinfall with a double Ticket to Ride on El Ligero.

Well that was a hoot in multiple senses. Ligero's talent at weaving from comedy to drama is second to none and really holds these together incredibly. Shame Banter took the L, but hey, we got to hear the better Turn the Page again. (Yeah, I'll go there.)

Post-match, Ligero lays motionless until Mastiff feeds him some beer, and the life comes back to him.

Dahlia Black vs. Toni Storm (Natural Progress Series IV Semifinal Match)

Right to striking, Storm with a bit of an edge, connecting just that bit harder and backing Black into the corner for more. Dahlia turns her around for a big slap but all that really does is get Toni to bring her butt into the action and put it through her head a few times. TK Cooper is covering himself with the apron at this point, it seems the crowd believes he's got a pants party problem.

Boots on boots, an uppercut, Black is on the ropes here but dodges a piledriver clutch and fires off a reverse roundhouse, and a charging double knees into a cannonball gets the slimmest of two counts. Continuing to fire shots, taking Storm corner to corner here, heading up but Toni throws her off the top and outside into the arms of TK!

Looking for a dive but nobody's home and Dahlia trips her on the apron. Back inside, leg drop sets up another climb, the moonsault hits dead and square but Storm kicks out! Slugging it out forearm for forearm now, Toni wants more and they shift to trading kicks. Storm catches a rolling solebutt and hits a leg trap German suplex!

Running hip attack into the fisherman neckbreaker but Black kicks out! Toni climbs, Cooper pulls Dahlia outside but Storm goes ahead and dives on them both! Back in the ring, up for the piledriver but TK makes the save. He's thinking about the right hand but Toni knows it's coming and knees him in the gentleman's area!

Black thinking Overdrive but Storm lifts her up for a powerbomb before clutching her again...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall with a piledriver.

Good match, a bit shaky at the very start but it got going really well and by the forearm exchange all that was forgotten. Also it's a credit to Dahlia that I couldn't tell where in the match she broke her ankle, real steady stuff and let's hope for a quick recovery.

Jack Sexsmith vs. Travis Banks

Banks on Sexsmith early, wrestling circles around him on the mat and keeping him grounded to make a point. To a Japanese stranglehold, wrenching Jack over his back to set up a bit of arm work. A back elbow from Sexsmith opens things up and he does a bit of ducking and diving to set up a La Magistral that Travis pops out of.

Handshake slapped away, Banks levels him with a boot and pounds him on the mat, driving forearms into the back of his neck. Hard chops and a forearm in the corner, Travis tearing Jack apart here. Scoops him up for the Tree of Woe and lays in a kick before taking him off with a single hammer blow.

Huge hesitation dropkick but Sexsmith has life left in him and kicks out, crawling desperately for the ropes to drag himself up. Low bridge sends Banks outside, but he's got the dive scouted and clobbers Jack with a kick. Penalty Kick off the apron follows, Sexsmith tries to pass him back inside but Travis immediately hits the ropes and lays him out with a rocket of a suicide dive!

Boot up on a charge and Jack rolls through a tornado DDT, and throws a superkick for a nearfall! Banks throwing forearms but Sexsmith shrugs 'em off and demands more! Off the ropes, Jack lands a clothesline into a Manhattan Drop, atomic drop, swinging Pearl Neckbreaker!

Charging for the LGBDT, Travis blocks and hits a German suplex but Sexsmith is on his feet! Machine gun chops in the corner! Going for the LGBDT again, Banks nearly throws him off but he hangs in there and it connects! Whip reversed but Jack back body drops him outside and climbs... CANNONBALL TO THE OUTSIDE!

Another dive but Sexsmith catches it and throws him with an exploder suplex! Up top for a Bombs Away knee drop but there's nobody home and Travis plants him with a leaping lariat! Fisherman driver... NOT ENOUGH! Banks to the second, Jack right behind him, release sunset flip powerbomb... NO GOOD!

Mr. Cocko comes out to play! But Travis lands a kick and they struggle over a suplex, float over, roll-through, superkick, Busaiku Knee Kick... JACK SEXSMITH LIVES! SPRINGBOARD CAUGHT INTO THE CRIPPLER COCKFACES! BANKS IS STRUGGLING BUT HE ROLLS THROUGH... ONE-ARM BLUE THUNDER DRIVER! OUT AT ONE!

Buzzsaw kick wipes Jack out, spin-out Argentine backbreaker rack drop... STILL NOT ENOUGH! Banks takes to the air one last time...

Travis Banks wins by pinfall with a springboard roundhouse kick.

That was awesome. Jack's story of becoming a "real boy", so to speak, continues to be one of my favorite parts of any given Progress show, and the best part is I legitimately can't tell whether he's just putting in the effort between every show or he's always been this good and just hid his talent for the sake of the storyline.

Post-match, Banks offers a handshake, gladly accepted, and Cooper helps Jack to his feet.

Axel Dieter, Jr. vs. Mark Haskins

My word, there is a dinosaur here accompanying Mark Haskins (and his son, Jack) for his entrance. The younger Haskins shoots the dinosaur! The noble beast slumps to his knees and over, dying!

Feeling out to start, testing some boundaries, and into some light grappling as Haskins works a wristlock. Grappling intensifies, Dieter working a headlock, Haskins shoots him off, leapfrog, dropdown, off the ropes, Mark with a dropkick that takes the German's knee out!

Capitalizing, wrenching the leg, side Indian deathlock but Axel escapes with slaps! Uppercut for chop on their feet, near dives, Dieter clears the way with an uppercut and takes flight! Inverted Tiger feint kick from Haskins, Axel dodges only to take the brunt of a suicide dive on the next side of the ring.

Forearm, uppercut, Dieter knocks him down with a thrust to the throat and catches a leapfrog into an Air Raid Crash when Mark tries to come back in off the ropes! Northern lights suplex for two, into a reverse chinlock and then a cravate, wrenching Haskins by the recently injured neck and punctuating with a kick when he seems likely to escape.

Uppercut for forearm now in straight exchange, and Axel falls as he gets pummeled with kicks. Suplex float over, ducking and dodging, Dieter absolutely clips him with a charging uppercut! Up and over with the Regalplex but Haskins lands on his feet and catches him with the roll-through Death Valley Driver!

Axel ducks a charge, enzuigiri, suplex, to the second for a diving uppercut... HASKINS CATCHES HIM INTO AN ARMBAR! DIETER ROLLING, MARK SHIFTS TO A LEBELL LOCK! SHIFT AGAIN, RINGS OF SATURN NECK CRANK BUT AXEL GETS THE ROPES! Sharpshooter blocked, the Ringkampf man grabs a Lotus Lock with both hands wristlocked and stomps Mark's head unholy!

Bending the wrist back, Haskins in agony but he gets a foot on the ropes! Going back to it, Mark blocks, bridging Fujiwara armbar applied, he shifts but gets caught by a crucifix pin for a nearfall. Arm-trap belly-to-belly suplex follows it up! Kicks to the head, a slap, Haskins wakes up with a pump kick and rolls through to the Sharpshooter! He's sitting way back, Dieter has no choice!

Mark Haskins over Axel Dieter, Jr. by submission with the Sharpshooter.

The death of long-extinct animals aside, that was a hoot. Just two top-shelf grapplers going at it full-bore, and that submission sequence I ALLCAPS'd in the middle there!

Men in suits with towels covering their faces fill the stage as Prelude 12/21 by AFI plays. Will Ospreay makes his entrance wearing a white suit. He's got a gun?! He shoots two of the men execution-style and snaps the neck of each of the remaining two!

Havoc, meanwhile, is all business, straight to the ring.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Will Ospreay (Fans Bring the Weapons Loser Leaves Progress Deathmatch)

Right at it, Acid Rainmaker and OsCutter attempts from the jump! Havoc throws a dive and digs from plunder, coming up with a potted plant that he cracks across Ospreay's upper back! He keeps fishing, digs out a vinyl record and throws it at him before settling on a cowbell and cracking Will right in the gentleman's area with it!

Running dropkick into the crowd as Ospreay fights back into it, he goes and gets a serving tray and cracks Jimmy over the head with it! Havoc has a plate of donuts of all things to jam in Will's face and back him off before using a mannequin head of some kind to get ahead. A kick to the chest from a matching leg and then one to the groin!

Jimmy gets a four-pack of beer out and cracks one open, half of it going down his gullet and the other half in Ospreay's face. He goes back for plunder... IT'S THE ORIGINAL PROGRESS CHAMPIONSHIP STAFF! He waffles Will with it and hits a DDT on the eagle! More beer, barbed wire bat in hand but Ospreay hits a Stunner!

Havoc ducks a bat shot, throws a falling kick, cracks the bat across Ospreay's back but it has no effect! A shot to the gut does nothing either and Will gives one in return before taking his jacket and shirt off... HE'S WEARING BODY ARMOR! (Or armour, I suppose, when in Rome and all.)

This earns him a "Shit Roman Reigns!" chant, bless you Progress faithful. On Havoc with the cowbell, he throws him into the ringpost with it and digs for more plunder, grabbing a cookie sheet and again waffling Jimmy across the face! He flips Ospreay the bird but collapses in a heap all the same.

WILL PULLS OUT A GRANDFATHER CLOCK. Even Will Ospreay, as twisted as events have made him, has a look on his face like "What could possibly possess you to bring a grandfather clock to a Fans Bring the Weapons Match?" Fantastic. Jimmy keeps himself from being put into it and heads in the ring with a guitar... EL KABONG!

Havoc has a cheese grater and rakes it across Will's forehead! HE'S BITING THE WOUND! Chair set up, Jimmy retrieves the pinata before opening up a sack of thumbtacks, LEGO, and candy, but before he can capitalize Paul Robinson shows up and stomps his face into the pinata!

Jimmy's busted open and Robinson does it again on the chair! Ospreay tears the pinata open, raining yet more tacks on the mat before Paul dumps a box of LEGO into the mix. Choking Havoc over the ropes and Will gets on the mic and says he wants to do some crowd participation and asks if anybody has a fiver.

No takers, so Ospreay brings a streamer in the ring and Robinson tacks it into his arm! Will says he's done and asks Robinson to hold Havoc so he can finish it once and for all but Jimmy shoves Robinson into the OsCutter! Will stops short... DOUBLE ACID RAINMAKER!

A DVD gets a nearfall but Paul breaks it up, a flip piledriver clears him out! Havoc outside for yet more plunder, he gets a table and slides it in before fetching a glass with a lime in it and the vinyl record he threw earlier. He pulls Ospreay's glove off and slices the web of his fingers with the record! ONE TO THE MOUTH! WILL IS SPITTING BLOOD!

Jimmy jams a credit card in his mouth and stomps his face into the bottom turnbuckle! Will shaking in shock as Havoc squeezes the lime out over his wounds! In the corner, Ospreay slips out and lands Cheeky Nando's before repositioning the table. Jimmy back to life, struggling... HAVOC WITH AN AVALANCHE ESSEX DESTROYER THROUGH THE TABLE! NOT ENOUGH!

Will crawls for the mic, choking and panting into it before saying this has to end one way or the other and asking why Havoc's in Orlando and he isn't, saying this place isn't big enough for the both of us, and the match gains its second stipulation! Punches on punches, OsCutter blocked with a right hand!

ACID RAINMAKER, OSPREAY LANDS ON HIS FEET! OSCUTTER... HAVOC KICKS OUT, BLOOD DRIPPING FROM HIS SKULL! Will gets a barbed wire board out from under the ring, which gets a "Who brought that?" chant. Ospreay sets it on Jimmy and climbs up top but Jimmy cuts him off with a right, press slam, but Will lands on his feet!

Havoc throws the board at him and follows it with a Codebreaker! Climbing, Ospreay throws the board at him to stop him short and demands a chair from the fans near the video wall. He props the board across the chairs, climbs the ropes but Havoc headbutts him back and yanks his body armor off before shoving him through the board!

Double stomp, Robinson yanks the referee out of the ring! Acid Rainmaker for Paul! Ospreay hits the Essex Destroyer and climbs up top... 630 SPLASH! THE MOVE THAT WON WILL THE PROGRESS CHAMPIONSHIP, THAT ENDED JIMMY HAVOC'S REIGN OF TERROR, AND HAVOC KICKS OUT!

Will separates the barbed wire from the board and chokes Jimmy with it! Havoc stretches it around Will's eyes and hits an Acid Rainmaker... NOPE! Barbed wire on the bottom rope for the stomp and Jimmy wraps it around his forearm... BARBED WIRE ACID RAINMAKER! ANOTHER! Will on his knees, defiant... A THIRD! IT'S OVER!

Jimmy Havoc wins by pinfall with a barbed wire-assisted Acid Rainmaker, forcing Will Ospreay to leave Progress!

That was excellent. The staff, the beat with the body armor, the multiple barbed wire Acid Rainmakers, Will making it a Loser Leaves Town mid-way when he realized just having Paul Robinson come down wasn't a win the match free card, the callbacks, the brutality... Nothing but love for this one.

British Strong Style (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) (c) vs. Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter) (Progress Tag Team Championship)

British Strong Style cast the title shields aside, Tyler heads to the back and gets his WWE United Kingdom Championship, because 2017 pro wrestling. Trent heads back and comes out with the shiny new Progress Tag Team Championship title belts! Seven demands that Jim Smallman announce that he has dedicated this match to "Trips", also because 2017 pro wrestling.

BSS blindside the Hunters before the bell and beat them unholy! Going for stereo Pedigrees but the Hunters dump 'em outside and throw stereo tope con giros! Sunset flip neckbreaker / backbreaker combo put the Hunters in control of Bate as the match settles down, and they isolate him with quick tags.

Tyler isolates Lee in the corner and flips the script, tagging Seven in to stretch their challenger. More quick tags and a lot of attention to Hunter's back here. Bate knocks Jim off the apron and mocks him as Trent wallops Lee in the corner. He nearly tags Jim in as BSS get too cocky with cute tags and give him an opening, but Seven stops him and grabs a half-crab.

The punishment continues until Lee back drops Seven to the apron and leapfrogs Bate for the tag! Jim in, clobbering Trent off the apron and catching Tyler with a springboard back elbow. Looking for a followup, Seven blocks and eats a swinging neckbreaker. Bate catches a superkick, gets flipped, takes it proper, and Jim hits a wrist-clutch lungblower for two!

Sunset flip denied, Bate has Lee on his shoulders and Jim by the legs, it's a Giant Airplane Spin! He pops Lee with an uppercut for a nearfall Lee avoids a Doomsday Device and throws a suicide dive on Seven! It's a fistfight, Tyler and Jim throwing hands.

Bate goes for Bop, Lee stops him, and we get a sequence where everybody hits their partner, ending in a four-way punch to the jaw that lays all four men out on the mat. Paired off on their knees, slugging it out, Bate in with Kawada kicks as they rise. Crotch chops, underhooks but again the Hunters slip away, crotch chops, it is they who hit the Pedigrees!

Referee Chris Roberts stops the big crotch chops to join in himself and Seven takes advanage, nailing a Dragon suplex on Lee. Lee DDTs Trent, TYLER BATE MOONSAULT INTO A DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX WHAT EVEN! TURNING SPLASH FROM JIM HUNTER BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO WIN THE MATCH!

Setting Bate up top, Trent interrupts, Frankensteiner denied, piledriver...

British Strong Style win by pinfall with Tyler Driver '97 from Tyler Bate on Jim Hunter, retaining the Progress Tag Team Championship.

Very fun tag match. A bit formulaic at the beginning trading quick tag sequences, but very enjoyable.

Matt Riddle (c) vs. WALTER (Progress Atlas Division Championship)

Right to grappling, struggle in the corner, jockeying for position, Walter gets his arm but Riddle rolls out. The Ringkampf man using his size to wear Matt down in a headlock but Bro transitions to a Kimura lock and Walter is in the ropes for the break. Trading chops, two from Walter is all it takes to turn Riddle's chest bright red.

A boot lays the champion out but he fires a slap back and they go strike for strike on their feet, Riddle throwing kicks and backing Walter in the corner. Charging forearm into a huge exploder suplex that snaps the big man over! High jump senton, more kicks but Walter just fires up!

Kick for chop, Walter catches one and drops a knee across Matt's bare shin and stomps the ankle! Wrenching the ankle back, a clobbering forearm, good for a nearfall but not enough to end it. Forearm for chop, the damage is done and Bro crumples but has his wits enough to dodge a leg drop.

He fires a kick but the pain in the leg overcomes him and Walter goes right back to it, dropping the knee and wrenching! Karelin lift for two, another chop, again Riddle throws a kick and immediately regrets it but fighting spirit keeps him swinging until Walter gets a sleeper hold on.

Matt gets the ropes, Walter chops his arms away and throws the German suplex but Bro is on his feet and defiant! Another one, same result, Riddle throws a knee strike into the fisherman buster with a small package pin... NOT ENOUGH! Slaps to the head as Walter covers up, stomps follow and then hammering elbows, but through it all the Ringkampf man stays alive.

Riddle climbs, Walter cuts him off... AVALANCHE BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! NO GOOD! Chop for slap but Walter stops it early and kicks his leg out of his leg! He draws Riddle back up, a forearm begets a slap rush, charging uppercut and Walter returns a face-melting big boot! Pele kick, barely up for the Bro 2 Sleep, into the German the bridge sags but doesn't break and Walter kicks out!

Walter lying in wait to pick the leg and roll into the ankle lock! Matt gets the ropes and Walter lays stomps in, leg trap German suplex, Riddle up and wobbling, a lariat takes his head off... BRO! Up for a suplex, Matt reverses to a guillotine choke! Kicking the kidneys, Walter breaks with a shove in the corner and locks the sleeper back on.

Hand test, Riddle's still fighting and flips out of it, charging in, flying triangle choke! Walter trying to powerbomb him down but he doesn't have enough control and it's a soft landing. Back up and the powerbomb connects this time! To their feet, spent but fighting, forehead to forehead, chop for chop!

Walter steps over, powerbomb... NOPE! Big boot but Bro is right on his back, the Bromission is in, slaps to the ribs...

Matt Riddle wins by submission with the Bromission, retaining the Progress Atlas Division Championship.

That was great, a real nigh-shoot-style wonder like you’d hope when you see these two guys across from each other on the card listing. Riddle on the back foot, fighting and fighting as Walter shreds his chest. Now just to get a Riddle/Dieter match and complete his set of excellent matches with Ringkampf members.

Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne (c) (Progress Championship)

Handshake, Dunne doesn't let go and Andrews bites his fingers! Diving headscissors takeover sends him outside... TOPE INTO A FRANKENSTEINER! Trying to get it back in the ring and Peter stomps his hand, struggle on the apron, wrenching the nose... APRON SHIRANUI FROM MARK ANDREWS!

Diving stomp to the shoulders follows up, looking for the Cop Killer, blocked, off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl DDT blocked, Orange Crush! Wrenching Andrews' fingers in the ropes now, Mark fires chops back only for Dunne to level him with a single forearm strike. Into the Romero Special, looking to abuse the face but he settles for stomping the knees.

Still on the nose, charging forearms but Andrews catches him with a passing toehold! To the apron, slingshot roll-through to a double stomp, but he runs right into a big slap on the follow-up. Andrews with a Crash Landing into a standing moonsault senton! Pete bails, catches a moonsault but Mark turns it into a tornado DDT on the floor!

Back in the ring, Andrews with a satellite crucifix driver! Throwing forearms and Dunne is just walking through them, clobbering Mark to the mat with a single strike of his own. Up and over with the Daniel Bryan corner backflip, a German suplex but Andrews lands on his feet, fires up, Poison Frankensteiner! Dunne returns one of his own!

Both men out on the mat now, recovery, a Dragon suplex from Mark but Peter cuts him off up top with an enzuigiri. Andrews on the apron, staggered, Dunne climbs to pick him off but White Lightning gets back into it, struggling... AVALANCHE POISON FRANKENSTEINER! Slugging it out forearm for forearm on their knees and to their feet, Pete backs Andrews into the ropes and referee Chris Roberts forces the break.

Kick for kick, pumphandle, Andrews reverses to a DDT! An errant superkick catches Roberts and another kick downs him! Mark with a moonsault into a tornado DDT, he checks on Roberts and Seven hits the ring in a WWE polo shirt to spike him with a spinning piledriver!

Referee Paz comes down to count the cover... MARK ANDREWS LIVES! Pumphandle, Dunne changes gears and gets him up for a Tombstone, ANDREWS REVERSES TO A FLIP PILEDRIVER! Up top, Trent tries to pick him off, shooting star press... TYLER BATE SLIDES IN TO STOP PAZ FROM COUNTING THE THREE!

Standing shooting star press on Tyler, up top, diving moonsault on the tag champs! Springboard, Dunne throws Paz in the way, and kicks Mark in the groin! Drop Dead blocked and reversed to a Vertebreaker! A second... Dunne's foot is under the ropes but Paz is counting...

Mark Andrews wins by pinfall with a Vertebreaker, winning the Progress Championship!

Senior referee Chris Roberts confers with Paz and it's announced that the match must be re-started! Dunne just pasting Andrews with forearms in the corner! Paz goes to through British Strong Style out and Peter levels him with a forearm, but Roberts demands they go regardless.

The bell rings and Dunne comes in with a kick, X Plex reversed to a hurricanrana... NOPE! Andrews ducks a lariat, but springboards into a forearm strike, Drop Dead connects... ANDREWS KICKS OUT?! Stundog Millionaire! Mark is climbing, shooting star press... DUNNE KICKS OUT!


Pete Dunne wins by pinfall with Drop Dead, retaining the Progress Championship.

Hell of a match. I feel like that Tombstone reversal to a flip piledriver might be it, wrestling may have peaked. Might not have anywhere to go but down from here, folks, but it's been wild getting here, eh? And what a feat it is to have Seven and Bate run down to interfere wearing WWE-branded gear, like, man. 2017 pro wrestling.


Progress put on a hell of a show here. Ospreay/Havoc is the pinnacle, both from a “storyline development” and a “good wrestling” sense, but every match delivered and it was a damn good time.

Check it out on Demand Progress, folks!

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