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Merry Bromas, everyone!

Yes, a merry Bromas to all!

What is Bromas?

Why, it's the anniversary of the day your Bro and mine, Matt Riddle, made his pro wrestling debut! Yessir, two years ago today, on February 7, 2015, he walked the aisle for his first match as a professional wrestler.

Contested for Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, the show-running arm of the world-famous Monster Factory wrestling academy where he got his training, Riddle went to a no-contest with Nick Comoroto.

But from those humble beginnings soon grew one of the best wrestlers in the world today. You can read all about his stunningly quick development from shoot-style badass to all-around great pro wrestler in the Evolution of a Bro piece I wrote last year, but for now, let's celebrate!

And how do I celebrate?


The spirit of Bromas is an open one! Celebrate how you like.

But, a logical and easy way would be to watch the man's matches. I encourage you to head to FloSlam (where nearly his entire Evolve career is now available for viewing, as well as bouts for IPW:UK), Highspots Wrestling Network (where his matches for AAW and PWX reside, as well an excellent documentary and several great shoot videos), Beyondemand, and Demand Progress, just to name the four places where you'll find the most Bro for the least dollars.

But if you'd like to pump yourself full of Bromas spirit for no cost at all, what I've done here is I've made an effort to find every free and legally uploaded match of Matt's that is on the internet.


vs. Billy Damiana (Submission Match) (March 14, 2015: MFPW)

vs. QT Marshall (March 28, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Rhett Titus (April 11, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Punisher Martinez (June 27, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Clutch Adams vs. Mike Spanos vs. Punisher Martinez (July 11, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Clutch Adams (July 25, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Punisher Martinez (August 8, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Clutch Adams (August 22, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Clutch Adams vs. Nick Comoroto (October 10, 2015: MFPW)

vs. Chris Dickinson (October 18, 2015: Evolve)

vs. "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams (November 7, 2015: Evolve)

vs. David Starr (December 5, 2015: Legacy)

vs. Chuck O'Neil (January 31, 2016: Beyond)

vs. "Speedball" Mike Bailey (February 28, 2016: Beyond)

vs. Nick Comoroto (April 30, 2016: MFPW)

vs. Fallah Bahh (May 14, 2016: MFPW)

w/ Abyss & Punisher Martinez vs. Fallah Bahh, Kyle Winant, & Nick Comoroto (Monster's Ball Match) (May 28, 2016: MFPW)

vs. Delirious (July 9, 2016: MFPW)

vs. Tommaso Ciampa (July 17, 2016: Beyond)

vs. John Silver (July 31, 2016: Beyond)

vs. TJ Perkins (September 11, 2016: Evolve)

vs. Jaka (October 2, 2016: Beyond)

vs. Adam Thornstowe (October 8, 2016: Q Pro)

vs. Cody Rhodes (October 21, 2016: House of Glory)

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